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Old 10-28-2014, 11:08 AM   #1
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Default Munchkin X + Zombies Idea?

Hi Guys I have an Idea and I would like to just throw it in here to check what you guys think of it and expand the idea.

It's Munchkin + the zombie munckin game.

Everyone plays the normal munchkin or another expansion (Apocolypse prefered). After the player passes level 5 rules change.

From level 5 and up every bad stuff has: Death. but; if you die, your return as a level 1 zombie and keep your gear and curses. This means as a zombie you play a standalone game. If the zombie player reaches level 10 he wins. If a normal player reached level 10 he wins.

Zombies take zombie cards as by normal players take normal cards. (This will make a low level zombie stronger with some nice mixes.)

Zombie players can help creatures against normal / alive players. They have to roll for it. I suggest 1 3 6 = help the creatures and the others just let you wander around (do nothing). Your attack strength has been added to the monster. This will make it harder for the normal players and when they die more zombie players will arise. This will give the first zombie who died a slight advantage. But if a player reached level 10 he wins. So because it starts at level 5 its a bit of a race against the clock.

I think this game type would be very exciting. But I need your guys imput to make it more balanced.

What you will need:
6x zombie pawns + 6x normal pawns.
1x board. doesn't matter what board.
1x zombie dice 1x normal dice.
1x zombie Munckin (ALL EXPANSIOONSNS!) 1x Munchkin (any main game)

Ladies/Gents please any ideas will improve my style of Munchkin (plus I need a catchy name) Zoomkin..?

p.s. I am Dutch that means my English is Dinglish and harder for you guys to read.
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Old 10-28-2014, 02:23 PM   #2
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Default Re: Munchkin X + Zombies Idea?

I'm closing this thread until we have time to decide what to do with it. It seems pretty much like yet another attempt to create some kind of variant or house rule, and will probably end up there when Andrew, Devin, or I get a better look at it.
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Closed Thread

blend, idea, mixing, munchkin, zombies

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