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Default Re: Rationale for the progression of ST-based damage

Originally Posted by CrimsonDawn View Post
Isn't the axe-guy doing things without human ST alone? Weapon Master?
Yes, he's using an advantage that a non-cinematic user of such a weapon will often have to make best use of his ST. And it's a huge deal; +2 per die in the swing range of 2d and 3d is enough to make mail and plate (respectively) irrelevant due to the +4 and +6 bonus you get on your weapon.

The guns users also have a realistic non-tech way to increase their damage: buy lots of skill. This allows shooting Chinks in Armor (difficult) or target the Head (-5; 20pts), Brain (-7; 28pts), or Vitals (-3; 12 pts). All of which are on the same order of magnitude of non-ST points spent to increase damage.

I didn't list TBaM since that explicitly IS cinematic, but Weapon Master is going to be allowed in most games as a realistic option, so I don't think it's out of line.

I think a realistic ST 17 guy would not have Weapon Master, and be something like 600 lbs*.. he should dish out some serious damage with an an axe, but still is somewhat behind from 4d+4.

*If you follow the reasonable formula for living creature's weight from HP from Fantasy - very usable for realistic calculations, not so for usual PC's
I disagree with this; ST17 is well within human capabilities, and is likely seen on many professional athletes where ST is a requirement, like football players, today. These guys typically weigh 250-400lbs, not 600.

Still, I don't want to digress from the OP too much; my primary point was that the ST progression has issues other than how it goes from sw = 2x thrust to a very small difference with higher ST, and that an alternate progression has a lot to recommend it if you're playing with such things.

However, this runs into costing fairness issues that would require play and experiment to work out.
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