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Captain Joy
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Default Do Bionic Limbs Include Hands/Feet

UT209 gives stats for Bionic Arms, Bionic Hands, and Bionic Legs. My question is, say you get Bionic Arms only. Does the DR 2 (Arms, -20%) [8] that you get as part of that give your hands DR 2? Similarly, does the DR 3 (Legs, -20%) [12] give your feet DR 3?
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Default Re: Do Bionic Limbs Include Hands/Feet

And along with this, does the $12,000 cost cover only the bionic arm, or does it include a bionic hand? That is, if you want a bionic arm with a bionic hand at the end of it, do you pay $12,000 or $20,000 (or something else)?
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Default Re: Do Bionic Limbs Include Hands/Feet

It has to include the hand. No one is doing surgery to remove your arm, detach the hand & reattach the hand to a bionic arm.
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Default Re: Do Bionic Limbs Include Hands/Feet

I believe a lot of GURPS - including UT - treats extremities as extensions of the limbs they are on, rather than their own thing. The values you give for Bionic Arms and Bionic Hands actually fit this - a Bionic Hand is far more complex (which is where the price is going to come from) than a Bionic Arm alone, so with Bionic Arm costing more, it must include a Bionic Hand - the Bionic Arm portion is only $4,000, while the Bionic Hand portion is $8,000 (just like a normal Bionic Hand), for that grand total of $12,000.
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Default Re: Do Bionic Limbs Include Hands/Feet

I think one of the issues is whether to treat extremities as sublocaitons of limbs, I vaguely remember something like if you take face DR (-50%) it includes the jaw/nose/ears and even EYES which DR normally won't stop w/o Forcefield...

.4.2.24 What are the details of targeting eyes on an armored face? Does Face DR protect the eyes? What about slits/chinks?

Okay, here's a very terse version of Kromm's ruling:

Normally, Face DR does include eyes (when hit at a -9 penalty). However, normally, people target Slits, which are basically Chinks in Armor on the eyes (-10). Helmets which include the eye hit location specifically are not subject to the Chinks vulnerability over the eyes, and protect at the listed Eye DR instead.
Though I'm not sure if this is written for statted armors or for the DR advantage...

If face DR does include all of that then allowing limb DR to also protect that limb's extremity doesn't seem too awful.

One extremity is -80% and one limb is -40% so if it didn't, you could probably use "either or" limitations to get -32%.

compared to buying spearately
DR 20 (left hand -80%) [20]
DR 20 (left arm -40%) [60]

The only downside to DR 20 (eitheror -32%) [68] vs paying 80 points for separate advantages is separate means distinct ablating (corrosive attack, etc) while either/or means only one pool to ablate from.

In terms of realism defining it separately (hand and arm can have separate DR which ablates distinctly: acid eating through your hand doesn't make your arm easier to chop off) makes a lot more sense for bionics, while a single advantage makes more sense for stuff like a protective forcefield.

You could also use Alternative Advantages to reduce left hand to 1/5 cost (20 becomes 4) for an even cheaper total of 64 points, but saving 4 points means you need to specify at the start of each turn which body part the DR protects (leaving one exposed), whereas with either/or both are protected simultaneously.
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