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Default Re: Hyperspectral Vision vs. Illusion/Insubstantiality and Falling

Originally Posted by Benway View Post
Say the character is falling 60 feet and goes insubstantial at 30 feet. If he were to continue to fall and then, for instance, bank to the right in a more horizontal direction he might appear to be "effectively flying."
This is one for your GM... but in my game:

Velocity doesn't change, thus the vector of movement can only be affected by your thrust relative to vector. So if you're falling straight down at 32 yds/s, then you keep moving straight down at 32 yds/s unless you apply counter thrust. This is your Move score, you can begin slowing yourself, or adjust by your Move score in any direction, but that 32 yds/per is going to be keeping you moving down for awhile (again dependent on Move).

A lot of Insubstantial Characters also take Flying (Insubstantial Only, -30%) to get around this.
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Default Re: Hyperspectral Vision vs. Illusion/Insubstantiality and Falling

Originally Posted by Benway View Post
Would a Perfect Illusion be so perfect that it would fool a bionic eye, or a surveillance camera?
Depends a bit on your assumptions about how magic works. Even if perfect illusion can fool nonhuman senses, the caster probably doesn't know what their construct should actually look like for senses they don't possess, so the question is whether the illusion automatically fills that in for you, or if the caster has to know.
Originally Posted by Benway View Post
Also, if someone with Insubstantiality is falling and goes insubstantial, Basic Set says they are not affected by gravity, got it- however, since they can move in this state could they use the momentum to effectively fly?
They can move in any direction at full Move, so yes, but insubstantial creatures do not necessarily have momentum.
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bionics, hyperspectral vision, insubstantiality

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