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Default Re: Aeroduel, and Boat Wars (Hydroduel?) in 6th?

swordtart is right.

A *small* plane can have a stall (i.e. minimum) speed of 75 mph or so, below which, it drops like a rock. That's why there's a big "thump" when an airplane lands - it's either literally dropping out of the sky onto it's landing gear, or it's using its engines to literally fly itself into the ground.

Near stall speed, aircraft maneuverability is not good. For example, turning slows the speed of the inside wing. If you are near stall speed, a sharp turn could easily stall just the inside wing. With a sudden loss of lift on the inside wing, the plane will suddenly wingover and probably spin/tumble. That is *NOT* an easy recovery, especially at the low altitudes that you'd need for arena combat. At CW altitudes, the plane is almost certain to hit the ground.

And in a Car Wars context, 75 mph is somewhat fast for how small arenas tend to be.

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