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Jürgen Hubert
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Default The latest science on Titan

The March 2010 issue of Scientific American has a fascinating article on the latest scientific knowledge about Titan. Unfortunately, they only have a preview on their website, but this issue is well worth grabbing for anyone running games in the Deep Beyond. It has details on the moon's methane cycle, which has shaped the surface of the world in very similar ways to Earth's water cycle. It has the latest maps. It speculates that there might be periodic mega-methane eruptions on the world which smooth out the surface. And there are even hints that there might be an underground ocean of liquid water somewhere in there!
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Default Re: The latest science on Titan

All of which would mean chemical industries geared toward producing high-quality organics and volatiles would love Titan.

Titan probablly needs a pdf to give it more details for playablity. Plus more is known about Saturn's other moons too. Plenty of good stuff for a DEEP BEYOND campaign.
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