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Old 06-08-2010, 07:59 PM   #221
Andrew Hackard
Munchkin Line Editor
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by AllyKat View Post
So, I have to ask Andrew... will this be for both versions of the rules?
Almost certainly just the new versions.

ETA: In any case, compiling the official rules is not house rules, so let's close the discussion in this thread.
Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Line Editor
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Old 06-09-2010, 09:17 AM   #222
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Default Re: Member House Rules

With the exceptions of the individual card changes, there really aren't many game-altering overarching rule changes, but more commonly clarifications of rules that were already implicit. I'm appreciative of their attempt to compile the various FAQs on the forums into a new and updated rulebook. As long as they don't start changing/overruling established precedent. Then we'd have a problem. ;)

And as for the individual card changes.. I would just have a list of those, and then agree before a game whether the game is to be played with the old or new versions. There aren't too many of those either.
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Old 06-09-2010, 09:55 AM   #223
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Default Re: Member House Rules

The "Go Up A Level" expansion replaces the cards that have been changed in a major way in every set, so it might be easier to just buy that and replace them than to keep a list of the changes nearby.
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Old 07-28-2010, 08:55 AM   #224
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Default House Rules and Death

Myself and 2 friends have been OD'ing on Mucnhkin 1-2 for weeks now. We're starting to post some of our "arguments" on here for clarification, but I thought I'd share some of the House rules we've implemented--firstly just to share, and 2ndly because we're curious if we're misinterpreting some things ;)

Death: We understand the idea of game balance and not returning a Munchkin to level 1 after Death, but we felt that Death was lacking in punishment, so we implemented a mandatory loss of 1 level.

We recently reworked it to make it more balancing. If the highest level Munchkin dies, he returns at a level equal to the next highest level player in the game. Any spot other than highest level and you just lose 1 level along with the other Death penalties.

Munchkin: Even though our characters are Munchkins, we also use the word in verb form when a PC makes a blunder, or forces another PC to make one. Ex: I play a curse on someone wearing the Tinfoil hat. I Munchkinned myself. Alternative Ex: I get someone to help me in combat, then I get us killed on purpose...I Munchkinned him.

In this vein, we have a House rule that if you take an action which leads to an illegal play, you lose the action. I.E. I'm in combat and wearing the Raincoat (others can't play potions in my combat). Another players tosses a potion in to bump up the creature. I call "Munchkin!" and toss his potion in the discard pile rather than returning it to him.

Similarly, if a thief discards to steal an item and declares an item which he can't steal (because it's Big, or some other reason) he loses the discard and must do so again if he wants to steal something legal.
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Old 08-14-2010, 12:31 PM   #225
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Default Team Munchkin

I looked for threads regarding this and was surprised nobody has asked this.

Any suggestions for playing Team Munchkin?

We had 4 people, so 2 teams of was fun at first because you share the treasures and what not, but as soon as the players are around level 6ish, it becomes almost impossible to stop them... Both teams were just hoping to pull monsters from the deck to beat.

A few possibilities.

A. All monster levels are doubled
B. Maybe the Epic Munchkin rules where you have to draw 2 face-up door cards on turn
C. Don't play Team Munchkin. ;)
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Old 08-14-2010, 01:33 PM   #226
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Default Re: Team Munchkin

Originally Posted by floats09 View Post
I looked for threads regarding this and was surprised nobody has asked this.

Any suggestions for playing Team Munchkin?
Here and here.

However, if a munchkin can be guaranteed of help from someone, it really messes with the dynamics of the game - you might need a lot of tinkering with the rules to find a satisfying way to play Team Munchkin.
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Old 08-14-2010, 01:39 PM   #227
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Default Re: Team Munchkin

Excuse me, but why the heck would you want to do this? It's "MUNCHKIN" not "we play very nice together". It's "You" want to WIN!, not "we" want to win.

Oh Gods, next they'll want us to have "Munchkin's in Love" or "Munchkins for boy and girl friends".

:) :) :)

Salem Midnight Crew / MIB 1987 Or the Wrong MIB. Salem Cell leader, for the clueless in Oregon.
Ahhhh... I see the Screw-Up Fairy has visited us again.
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Old 08-14-2010, 06:29 PM   #228
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Default Re: Member House Rules

2 particulary house rules:

1 No Wandering Monsters in Door deck. If you want join a monster to a fight, just discard 2 cards from your hand and you can join it.

2 Naughty now can join monster to a fight without discarding any card.

I'm not very sure if this idea is new, but I think it works well.

See ya
I'm Spanish, so excuse me for my English ;)
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Old 08-14-2010, 11:47 PM   #229
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Default Re: Team Munchkin

Originally Posted by morleydotes View Post

Oh Gods, next they'll want us to have "Munchkin's in Love" or "Munchkins for boy and girl friends".

:) :) :)

I believe the win condition in that game is "Winner has to sleep on the couch."
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Old 08-15-2010, 12:24 AM   #230
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Default Re: Member House Rules

So, after playing a couple of games with EVERY expansion pack, and a few Blender games, my friends and I came up with the following rules.
  • If you have multiple Super Munchkin cards, they may be stacked. Each one provides +1 Classes. You may also discard a Super Munchkin card to search the deck for the next available class.
  • The same applies above for Half Breed cards, but for Races instead of Classes.
  • As above except for Loyalties, Accents, Origins, ect.
  • If you are playing with multiple sets, the deck you search from is the one the card came from.
  • Discarding two cards lets you search another deck for a class/race/thing.
  • Cheating lets you search the decks for any card you want and add it to your hand. Even if that deck is not in play.
  • If a race or other card would treat you as a class/race if you had no other class in play, but you have a Super Munchkin card, then you may search the class for that deck. For example, a Munchkin with the Assassin Class and British Loyalty would also consider themselves to be a Playboy since they have an empty class slot.
  • If you discard three cards, you may add a monster to the combat. Wandering Monster cards require no discard.
  • If an item is discarded, its attachments stay with it. So an Armored Piercing, Flaming, Self Cleaning, Gold Plated Eleven Foot Pole-a-matic With Spiky Bits of Doom and Destiny is discarded, and then reclaimed, those benefits stick with the weapon.
  • If a player runs out of cards for any reason, even if they're not dead, they may draw two cards from each deck on their next turn.
  • If the owner of the game and the person whose house is being played at are different, the OWNER of the game still gets the last word.
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