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Default Re: Graduated Ensign challenge, GURPS Star Trek 'SNW' era

Getting character sheets out of this forum is a little tricky. Making full gurps characters to a point budget is not especially quick. If you want character sheets, expect to do a little question answering.

I'm not super happy with Miss Garamata, but she will do. She's based on the starship templates Science Officer. I figured you had the largest number of openings for lab specialists. I don't have your racial templates, so I made a human, but probably half your crew will be humans anyway.

How do you like her?

Surati Garamata [172]:

Attributes: [130]:

ST 9 [-10]
DX 11 [20]
IQ 15 [100]
HT 12 [20]

HP 9
Will 14 [-5]
Per 15
FP 12

Speed 6 [5]
Move 6

Advantages [55]:
Talent (Natural Science) 3 [30]

Eidetic Memory [5]

Lightning Calculator [5]
Single Minded [5]
Versatile [5]
Fit [5]

Disadvantages [-55]:


Mild Shyness [-5]
Workaholic [-5]
Pacifism (cannot harm innocents) [-10]
Enemy (Klingons) [-30]

Quirks [-5]:
Constantly Humming to herself [-1]
Overuses the word "Sir" [-1]
References children's literature [-1]
Ostensible lack of Beauty Routine [-1]
Responsive (quirk level charitable) [-1]

Skills [42]:
Electronics Operation (Scientific) -16 [4]
Electronics Operation (Sensors) -16 [4]
Research -16 [4]
Electronics Operation (Teleporter) -15 [2]
Physics -16 [2]
Beam Weapons (Phaser) -12 [2]
Carousing -12 [2]
Free Fall -11 [2]
Vacc Suit - 11 [2]
Astronomy -16 [1]
Biology (Ecology) -12 [1]
Chemistry -16 [1]
Computer Operation -15 [1]
Current Affairs (Headline News) -15 [1]
Current Affairs (Politics) -15 [1]
Current Affairs (Science and Technology) -15 [1]
First Aid -15 [1]
Geology (Earthlike) -16 [1]
Geology (Rock Worlds) -16 [1]
Hazardous Materials (Biological) -14 [1]
Hazardous Materials (Radioactive) -14 [1]
Mathematics (Applied) -22 [1]
Meteorology (Earthlike) -17 [1]
Spacer - 15 [1]
Teaching -13 [1]

Surati Garamata is a science lab specialist specializing in planetary science, an expert on the surfaces of planets. Surati is shy but dedicated to her work, frequently ended up "in the zone". She's also exceptionally good with numbers and has a perfect memory. She's also a consummate consumer of news, always up to date. She's small, but physically fit. Surati is from Indonesia (Jakarta to be specific).
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