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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

Ok if vehicles is out of the question a Netflix, BBC or HBO series of Banestorm will do... in a pinch.
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
I think that I would like a GURPS Diadem, a book within the Diadem Universe of Jo Clayton. It has twenty books written by her, but her early death prevented it from being explored further.
I liked that series, also see if Alan Dean Foster is up for a renewal since he is hurting money wise and another company appears to have stiffed him.
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Gumby Bush
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

I find GURPS 4e to be a pretty solid and mature system with rather few gaps per se. At this point, a lot of what is left is smoothing edges and filling in more particular setting stuff.

So, top of my list:
  • How to Be a GURPS GM: New-Tech -- Advice for GM's creating new technologies from fiction or new inventions in the real world. Maybe also covering setting TL, dealing with TL transitions in game, and similar issues.
  • Power-Ups 10 and on -- discussions of Blessed, TbaM, WM, and similar amalgam-type advantages (and Disadvantages: Code of Honour, Divine Curse, etc.,) being top of my list there, but also perhaps something covering optional rules for Skills (e.g., the alternate Guns specialties from Pyramid, the house rule some use for de-specializing skills, and considerations of how various skills are split up, e.g., the Sleight of Hand, Pickpocket, and Filch trio or the Holdout/Smuggling distinction), and some for the more finicky or specialized advantages (Affliction, maybe Gadgeteer, although that's well covered in AtE2 and MH:PU1, Shapeshifting abilities, etc.).
  • Ultra-Tech: Near-Tech -- smoothing the edges between TL8 and TL9, incorporating some of the rules in various Pyramids (3/51 and 3/55) and expanding on how improvements from TL9 might be applied to TL8 gear. TL9 LBV?

As that probably makes obvious, my concerns with the system's integrity have to do with certain sorts of traits and the transition from TL8 to TL9 (or, more broadly, High-Tech to Ultra-Tech)

Lower on my list and other thoughts:
I think Girl Genius will be a nice piece to celebrate, but I am more looking forward to Realm Management.

I think vehicle concerns might be suitably well addressed by variations on the Action 6 model along with the pre-builds in the Vehicles series. I'd enjoy seeing something offering expanded baselines for those rules (grav jeep, clockwork car, etc.), which would probably be good for a Path of Cunning article. In the Vehicles series I'd like to see more TL8 offerings for aircraft and military vehicles. I continue to hope for the full, more realistic, Vehicles for 4e, but I understand why I may have a long wait for that.

Banestorm: The New Age -- covering what's happened in the Banestorm since we last heard -- might be a nice 35-year marker, but not really my cup of tea. DF Settings: Banestorm might also be a good product to consider, although most of that work is inessential: a lot is about how races might need to be shifted, what needs to be ignored, and a template for a Banestorm Victim. Again, I prefer to make my own settings, and usually not ones with Banestorm equivalents, so it's not up my alley.

Social Engineering: Stigmas and Regards and a book on alternate laws of nature (expanding on suggestions about "planes where space doesn't matter" and such when discussing astral planes and such) are a couple other spots I see opportunity--I'm kind of surprised the latter wasn't covered as much as it might've been in Powers: The Weird. Such a work might also cover how to alter things for "Comic Book Physics" and such.

I am also looking forward to Doug's Mission X.

I would also like to see further DF Denizens (likely) and After the End (maybe less likely) works. After the End 3: Hazards and Motives?
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

Book wise? More Science Fiction, possibly a near future setting based around first contact.

Thatís really what I have come to GURPS for, Science Fiction is my jam these days in all media forms. Thirty-one years of fantasy is enough for me as the tropes get old after a while.

Content wise, it would be cool to see a well produced Actual Play show with GURPS as the subject, teaching the game incrementally and really showing what GURPS can do.
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Old 12-03-2020, 07:03 PM   #25
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

Pipe Dream- any new hardcover release, GURPS Alchemy and Herblore, GURPS Basic Set Directors' Commentary

Realistic- Continuation of the GURPS Magic and Sorcery series for the individual colleges.

It would be cool to have some fancy new release of the Basic Set with the latest errata. Then I can have rules for Gunslinger and complementary skills on physical paper.
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

Here's a big list of GURPS/DFRPG books I'd like to see. (Yet for all that length, it doesn't even include a Vehicles for 4e or a GURPS 5e! Not very ambitious wishing. : )

But that was posted a few months ago just for fun, not with any special anniversary wishes in mind. For a special 35-year celebration, I'd like . . . well, new books, sure, but I trust they'll come. And as a player, excitement over new books is always tempered by the realization that just the stuff I already have is more than I can fit into a lifetime of games. (RPGs: If the stuff is good, a little bit goes a long way!)

As a special wish, I think I'll echo comments like RedMattis': I'd like to see the game get a surge of popularity. Again, it doesn't matter to me as a player - what effect does it have on me whether some supplement I'm using is being used by ten other humans or a million others? - but it'd be nice to see the people who keep the game rolling get more reward and credit. (And I think there are players out there who'd really enjoy the system if only they could give it a try. It'd be nice to see them become happier gamers with that discovery.)

That'd be my wish for Year 35: A big shot of respect and commercial success for a system and creative team that really deserve it.
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

How about a book on expanding the maximum TL back up to 16 again? IRL, we are late-TL8/early-TL9, so we are only 3-4 TLs below the maximum, which is really odd when you think about it. Or perhaps a book on divergent TLs based on steam punk (TL5+x), dieselpunk (TL6+x), rocketpunk (TL7+x), and cyberpunk (TL8+◊).
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Old 12-03-2020, 09:19 PM   #28
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

I never realized TL 12 was meant to be the maximum. I thought it was just the highest listed.
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

It depends on individual GM interpretations. Some GMs have it being the maximum while some of them see it as just the highest listed. I generally have the maximum TL obtainable by a species being (average species IQ), so the human species would need to be modified to reach TL11+.
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Default Re: What do you want for the 35-year anniversary?

Originally Posted by cptbutton View Post
GURPS My Little Pony?
GURPS My Little Pony 40,000...

Friendship is Magic, and Magic is HERESY!
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The GURPS Marvel Universe Reboot Project A-M and N-Z, and its not-a-wiki-really web adaptation.
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anniversary, gurps

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