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Default Most memorable use of Karma/Bennnies?

What's your most memorable use of Karma/Bennies in a game?

(Karama is the Suzerain translation of Bennies, I knew it as that first is all)

For me, it was the first time, failing a roll to grapple the mini-boss while the ice we were standing on cracked beneath us. I use my Karma and won the fight and finished him off. Roleplay wise it played off that he'd pinned me on the cracking ice, I then use the momentum and the ice to slide underneath him, wiping out his ankles before jumping up grabbing him midair and slamming him into the ice throwing me clear of the danger and him smashing through the surface and into the deep freezing waters where he, supposedly, died.

//Karama/Bennies explained for those who don't play Suzerain/SWADE

Players start each game session with three “Bennies” (American slang for “benefits”), represented by poker chips, gaming stones, the official Bennies we make for all of our games, or other tokens that signify a little bit of good luck or fate. Bennies are discarded at the end of each session — use them or lose them! They can be used to reroll a trait, recover from shaken, soak rolls, draw a new action card, reroll damage, regain power points (Pulse in Suzerain) and influence the story (i.e. find an extra clue if you're stuck).

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Default Re: Most memorable use of Karma/Bennnies?

For a Project Twilight game I had given each player a Trump Card, something they could play to circumvent the rules and make something happen. At the end of the game there were four Trump cards still in play. Water Off a Duck's Back: Which lets you ignore the consequences of one action in the game. I'm not dead Yet: Which allows you to perform a single action at no penalty prior to dying. Call in the Cavalry: Which lets you summon reinforcements regardless of the unlikelihood of them finding you. And There Will Be an Accounting: Which allows you to select one person who will be held in full account for all of their crimes.

The party had infiltrated a Pentex company. Gotten into a firefight on the 40th Floor, the Pyrotechnic of the group was mortally wounded and made it into an elevator going down while the rest of the group barricaded a meeting room with horrible deformed Fomori, including the very dangerous CEO of the corporation, Ritchard Paragon, closing in on them. At this point the game had been going on for 8 hours and I was a little punchy and looking to give a good wrap-up for the scenario.

The first Trump Card to fall was I'm Not Dead Yet as the Pyrotechnic fell out of the elevator into laboratory bleeding to death and encountered racks of hydrogen tanks in a lab that he detonated, blowing out the bottom floors of the skyscraper and setting it on fire. Next to fall was Call in the Cavalry as emergency vehicles began to flood the streets below literally blocking off any escape for those involved. The Field Agent in the group played Water Off a Duck's Back and found a window-washing gurney one floor below the meeting room that they players piled into and began to descend to outside of the building. And as Ritchard Paragon dove out of the 40th story window flying down at them with his bat-like wings, the token EPA agent played There Will Be an Accounting as a passing new helicopter flew between the players and the enemy splattering the Big Bad of the game into a shower of gore. (A call-back to a number of NPCs that died from helicopter blades in the game.
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