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Default Re: Apocalypse 1177 BC

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
If you really can't, that would suggest that almost no one believes what you're asserting. If you're just not interested in presenting further evidence, that's different.
Maybe you should actually read it before criticising it. There is a section on that site called "Recent Developments". Up until a year ago this page accumulated all the best research on this subject, the majority of which was NOT written by the authors of CoD. The papers themselves are not there but the summaries are pretty detailed and give a very good overview. IMO it is the best site on the internet that is not paywalled.
Compact Castles gives the gamer an instant portfolio of genuine, real-world castle floorplans to use in any historical, low-tech, or fantasy game setting.

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Default Re: Apocalypse 1177 BC

I think I'll be "borrowing" orichalcum from GURPS Fantasy. I don't like weapons that won't break (as in Dungeon Fantasy) - rather, orichalcum weapons have +2 HT (I use "the dull blade" for weapon breakage). +29 CF.

Armor made from orichalcum have half weight and double DR. +29 CF.

Fauxgyptian name for orichalcum is Hursurud, from two afro-asiatic words meaning "mountain" and "copper".
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bronze age, campaign, egypt

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