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Default Re: Looking to start an E-mail/IRC campaign

Posting this here in case I forgot to PM someone:

OK, so I have made a decision on the campaign based on your input. Near-future, TL6-8 (this will be starting TL), power level 125-175ish, going for a balance of story and action, probably leaning more toward heavier combat. Brief overview of plot:

'The year was 2077 when things started to get...strange. Missing person cases started to rise, strange static patters interrupting the radio. Sure those were strange, but nobody really paid much mind to it. Not until the United States and North Korea started playing nice, that is. China and England, Russia and Sweden. One day, everyone was working together like they had been friends for years. "No", some people thought, "that's not just strange, that is ****ing bizarre". Whispers started, as they always do, of conspiracy and theories. One was loudest.

The Entity.'

You'll have to forgive the ****** writing, I'm out of practice. Anyways, your goal, as the PCs, is to figure out what The Entity is and to stop it. Of course, when we get things rolling there will be a more detailed opening with more explaining who the group is and why you're doing anything at all. We will be playing on a PbP specific site (RPoL). If you are interested, head on over to RPoL (I'm going on today to get **** set up). Also, I need suggestions on an IRC client or chat site y'all would like to use for NRT chatting (personally I'm trying out Hydra).

That's all for now.


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