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Old 06-13-2018, 04:52 AM   #1
Join Date: May 2018
Default Free Talents and Spells for Steve

This thread is for people to contribute talents and spells they've created to Steve, free of charge (i.e. no need to kibitz on the content here, can we use another thread for that?)

I hereby license this post under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (which allows free copying for personal or commercial).

Arcane Stamina (2): adjusts ST by +2 only for the purposes of spellcasting (does not help with wounds, weapons, etc.). Costs 2 for wizards or heroes.

Arcane Outlast (3): requires Stamina, adjusts ST by another +2 only for the purposes of spellcasting. Costs 3 for wizards or heroes.

Catnap Sleeper (1): You can sleep whenever you want and intersperse normal activity in between; as long as you get enough total sleep hours, you're fine. This allows you to recover an extra 34 - ST in fatigue during sleep if you can intersperse activity among your sleep hours. For example just before the group goes to sleep for 8 hours, a ST 10 wizard can cast all the way down to ST 2, sleep for 2 hours to recover 8 ST, wake up, cast more down to 2, etc. every 2 hours. If casting time is negligible, this allows that wizard to recover an extra 24 ST in addition to the 8 ST which would have been recovered. Wizards pay the stated amount for this talent, the cost is not doubled.

Note: 34 - ST assumes the wizard casts down to ST 2 before the initial sleep period.

Now that this is published, I hereby assign the rights to this post and everything it contains to Steve Jackson (the person), to do with as he feels is right and good (or otherwise if he prefers) which, of course, entitles him to relicense the content.

For anyone else who wants to donate talents and/or spells: please assign the rights to Steve in your post.

Please send any communication about legalities directly to me, rather than in-thread and I'll update this post with that information. If this is not sufficient for a legally binding agreement I am happy to sign something and send it to Steve.
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Old 06-13-2018, 04:56 AM   #2
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Default Re: Free Talents and Spells for Steve

As we are traveling and at a convention, I am locking this thread. We appreciate the gesture, but we do not currently have time to give this post the attention that it deserves.
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Old 06-23-2018, 03:06 PM   #3
Steve Jackson
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Default Re: Free Talents and Spells for Steve

My understanding is that unless a work is in Creative Commons, derivative works cannot be donated to CC. At any rate, I would rather not go there. I know that we can't *both* put a work in CC and donate it to me, anyhow - those are conflicting grants of rights.
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