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Default Re: GURPS Fantasy , shared world, recruiting

(hint - feel free is say no at any point!)

Hmm - nonhuman sapients are never more than 1/100th of the human population? Either pre-technological, part of some hidden 'lost empire' or blended into human cultures?

The nation I'm noodling would be a Japanese/Polynesian blend with a completely new religion. If I use 'kami' or something similar for genus loci spirits that serve the Earth Mother, I can use 'oni' (just preliminary terms) as ones who have turned away. That way I could use a Spirit-blooded template to get a bit of nonhuman flare for those who insist on it, but still have a human culture. Maybe manehune brownies as urban spirits. How does that sit with your limitations? This could easily be part of aspected mana, also - regions with spirits vs. secular regions

Also, I hate to say it, but Magic not Powers is a *terrible* limitation. I can see having basic magic, path magic and syntactic as the most common types, but trying to model somethings with just those is needlessly complex. I have no problem with keeping powers on the DL, but completely x'ing it is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, IMHO.

On the other hand, using only Powers would make this world *very* distinctive. There are a number of people who would get into the project just for that, I wager. Just a random thought, it would be very difficult, but it would be unique.
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fantasy world, necromancy

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