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Default Re: Shapeshifting

Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
The subject keeps their original attributes, except for MA which is replaced by the normal MA of what they're turned into.

The subject takes on all the physical abilities (and limitations) of the species they've been turned into. As a bird or gargoyle they could fly. As a fish, they'd die out of water.

You can turn a ST 16 barbarian into a mouse, .... .

Wizards turned into animals remember their spells, but can't cast any because most animals can't talk. A wizard turned into a parrot can still talk, so she can cast spells. If the perch in her cage just happens to be her Staff, she could still draw on the staff mana too.
This sounds much of how I would run it in my games. I try to play it also as if the Wizard's new for can speak or seemingly make meaningful gestures, then they could cast - taking in consideration of the Gestures and Incantations rules on p.142.

Thanks everyone for your inputs.
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