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Default Black School Days

I'm going to be starting a Cabal campaign using the Black School Days framework (pg 86). I'd like to set it in the US in the US in 2007. The characters will all be starting their first term. I want to run this with a fair amount of horror and I'd like to play up the conspiratorial and secrecy elements of the game.

I'm looking for suggestions for npc's, events and locations in particular though any comments are welcome. Cultural references and in jokes are also appreciated; I'm going to work in some kind of Scooby Doo reference somewhere even if is just in passing. I plan on going through IOU for ideas though the silly campaign wouldn't work.

Joseph Roddan or Anna Dale: School Janitor: Master/Mistress of Rats, (Mind Control, Possession and Ally group) [Joey and Roddan are both slang for rats, annadale is a rat species]
Pomona Smith: Head gardener: Acolyte of Vertumnus who is trying to summon an avatar of the god [Pomona is part of the Vertumnus legend]
Ingvar (or Inga): School doctor necromancer/healer with an urge to experiment [Ingvar is the root name for Igor].

Liberal Arts
Occultism (specializations optional)
Astronomy and Astrology
Hidden Lores

the Pentagon (stolen from IOU, but has no magical significance)
Arkham House
Library- with the obligatory special collections
Museum- with ancient near east collections
Gymnasium set up for some nonhuman students
Labyrinth either a topiary maze or steam tunnels

The usual holidays
Unusual Pagan holidays
13 august, Vertumnalia
magically potent times
Solstices and equinoxes and other astrological events.


I like there to be many paths to power and plenty of opportunities for corruption and ill considered short cuts.
Magery based magic traditionally allows spells to be learned and cast in two ways. Ritual magic uses college based skills and spells as techniques for flexible slow (*10 casting time) casting. Battle magic (need a better name) has spells learned in the standard spell as skill system but is much faster.
Power Investiture exists for many Briahic gods and other forces.
Demonic Black Magic is an option though it is rarely legal.
Qluippothic magic requires a secret and will be harshly punished if discovered.
Alchemy and equivalent enchantment is known and practiced though it is often viewed as more of a trade than an art.
Travis Foster
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