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Default Alphabet Brainstorm 3, High school

As per Lemminglord's framework and ericthered's suggestion, create a super character idea for a high school setting that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. All the positions in the high school are open, pupils and staff. For a bonus challenge link your character idea to a previous character.

To kick things off

A is for Atonement.

The principal of Rutherford High school, Albert Miller is a likable man who looks to be in his mid to late 40's who handles all the ups and downs of running an large High school with a calm and relaxed manner. More observant people will notice two fingers are missing off his left hand.

Albrecht Mueller lost two fingers during the battle of the somme and in the process earned the military merit cross. Young and bitter about his injury Albrecht drifted in the years following the war and became involved with a Nazi Occult group.

During WW2 Albrecht was involved with the Nazi Super soldier program as an Occult advisor. It was there that he was accidentally exposed to a chemical cocktail that altered him in ways he would not fully realize for years to come. Taken by the Russians at the end of the war he forced to work on their supersoldier experiments.

By the 1970s Albrecht realized he wasn't aging and defected to the west before anyone else caught on. He was debriefed by first the English and later the Americans who recruited him to assist their supersoldier experiments.

Completely disillusioned with the motives and means employed by governments in their quest for power Albrecht (now known as Albert) chose to act. Using the powers he had kept secret for the last 50 years Albert went down to the cells where some of the experimentees were being held for "national security" reasons.

Albert's exposure to those chemicals all those years ago had granted in addition to the immunity to aging the power to see other people's "abilities". A simple spell learnt from a Thule society grimoire clouded his face in shadow and another projected Albert's own guilt for his past acts upon the guards incapacitating them. Going to one of the cells Albert knelt and started talking in a soft voice "Hello William you don't know it yet but you can talk to computers"

As Albert left with the former prisoners one of the guards gasped "who . . ." "I am Atonement" came the reply.

- unaging and superior health
- Can (given time) detect other people's powers (some of the time)
- Slight magical ability

- As susceptible to injury as anyone else
- wanted by certain clandestine government departments. But they don't have.much to go on.

- Has a lifetime of guilt he is trying to find redemption for
- Is completely determined that anything like the concentration camps or gulags will not happen again.

With Williams help Albert got set up with a new Identity and a New career, school teacher. To Albert's surprise he was good at his job and in a couple of years got offered the job of principle at Rutherford. He now uses his position to help the young and gifted make a positive mark on the world in the hope that they can prevent a world with concentration camps.

If he feels the need Albert can act swiftly, decisively and without mercy.

He has no other resources aside from what he can redirect from the school system. Scholarships and outreach programs are the net he uses. He teaches history and runs a community funded program for "young people with untapped potential"
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