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Default Demon-Haunted World (Stormbringer/Exalted inspired summoning)

Link to the document here.

I slapped this together over a couple weekends, thinking on a campaign centered around demon-summoning and necromancy.
Inspirations include the old Stormbringer/Elric RPG (which has some really flavorful and cool demon summoning rules for Basic Role-Playing), Exalted's demon summoning rules (particularly the Abscissic Plates, from which I derived the notion of demonic personalities), Libere Rituum Magorum (from which I blatantly stole the idea of a Barrier roll), and probably a few other sources I can't quite recall right now. Also included are some notions from the 3rd Edition GURPS Spirits supplement.

As written, it heavily favors playing a Sorcerer (hereby defined as someone capable of using the listed Sorcery Path skills,) as it was intended for a game where all the PCs would be sorcerers. Of course, arguably, this isn't much different than using Path Magic from Thaumatology to summon corporeal entities.
I would suggest removing or changing Wrack for most other settings, depending. Make it apply a penalty instead of damage, perhaps.
Limits to the number of demons controlled may also need to be instituted, depending on play style. This isn't present in other GURPS material, though, so it's probably pretty optional.

I could have used RPG or Path Magic in place of the skills I made, admittedly, but I wanted to make it more of a process instead of just a one-off roll. It's supposed to make each confrontation with a demon a combination of negotiation and conflict, since it's a central part of the campaign idea.

Unpolished Bits:
1) No good randomization of demon traits
2) Lacks a system to determine what demons you know. I used the Stormbringer-esque method to let players construct their own when they choose to summon, but I did want to put in something like a Library system...
3) Wrack's effects could be clearer and probably toned down
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