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Default Re: In Nomine....does it have a "Pro-Heaven" bias?

Originally Posted by Drop Bear View Post
the game stays Pro-Heaven from a Human Prospective
And I see this as a problem.

Originally Posted by Drop Bear View Post
But perhaps that's just the story the Demons tell?

Even if the Demons are the not so bad guys, it's a common story of the Abused becoming the Abuser, happens in human history all the time, more so when petty power-mongers get at the head of an oppressed group, may haps the PC Demons can smell the BS & Hipocracy mingled among the Brimstone and that's why they want to get Earth Side Jobs, they don't want to be in Hell when the 2nd Revulsion starts.
I think this is a rather interesting perspective, I think the PC Demons should be the ones who at least remember or sticking to their original goals as in "tempting them to sin" as in what it actually means encouraging humans to reject the spiritual world (such as asceticism, suffering through life to achieve "heavenly rewards" which is rather eternal enslavement towards a tyrannical deity) and embrace the material world through hedonism and to enjoy life as much as possible or rather empowering human freedom that is (of course this is where things like granting Vampirism or Immortality comes from for example).

Since if torturing souls for essence for all eternity is what they do then, are they doing God's work after all? Point is, I wonder if it's possible for Demons to reject the "torturing souls for all eternity" thing as they see for what it is and it's not only not helping humanity but also they're doing God's work after all so they reject it?

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Default Re: In Nomine....does it have a "Pro-Heaven" bias?

I like taking the Daywatch/Nightwatch approach.

Heaven is authoritarian, Hell is libertarian. Even when trying to help humanity heaven can get into trouble by trying to force unity. Even when trying to help humanity hell can get into trouble because without rules the strong can impose their will on the weak.

Alternately, you can make both sides entirely unsympathetic by having each and every Celestial think that their word is the true Will of God/Path to Self Actualization.
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