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Default Limitations and Alternatives ("or")

I have two limitations:
  • one, -10%
  • two, -10%

If i want both, then i have a total -20% limitation.

But if i want one OR two at will, it will cost -10%? Don't make sense, since have an option is a minor limitation then have just one.

I want to say, one or two is less limited then one and two separately.

Clear example:

GURPS Powers on page 116, under Fantasy Abilities:
Such accessibility limitations as “Requires material components,” “Requires gestures,” and “Requires magic words” are common, and worth -10% apiece.
  • Requires gestures, -10%
  • Requires magic words, -10%
  • Requires gestures and magic words, -20%
  • Requires gestures or magic words, -10% (???)

Requires gestures or magic words is less limited than Requires gestures and Requires magic words alone. It makes no sense to have the same cost.

What is the right way to calculate the modifier of an accessibility limitation that is alternative (one or another)?
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either/or limitations, limitations

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