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Default Fantasy and Rapier Wit and Mental Stun recovery for Bard vs Druid - Permanent?

F130 mentions "Recovery takes place as if the target was mentally stunned, whether the modifiers include stunning or not" when taking Affliction enhancements on Rapier Wit when designing a Bard.

B364 under Do Nothing mentions "On each turn of Do Nothing, he may attempt a HT roll to recover from physical stun or an IQ roll to recover from mental stun."

F209 (referencing F130) then talks about Affliction-enhanced Rapier Wits representing Bard curses, and then mentions this:
Very powerful druids buy the ability with Extended Duration (Permanent, +150%); the victim must then undertake a quest specified by the druid to free himself of the satire.
This is the part I don't understand here, why would you bother taking something like permanent if targets get a once-per-second IQ check to break out of mental stun?

Even a pathetic IQ 1 creature is eventually going to be able to brute-force your "permanent" affliction by rolling a critical success. You have a 1 in 216 chance of rolling a 3, so anybody can break out of a Mental Stun in under 4 minutes.

That's one of the reasons I figure someone would never bother taking high levels of Extended Duration on their basic Affliction (which does Physical Stun) since physical stun or mental stun aren't sustainable for long periods of time anyway.

- -

Is it possible I'm overlooking something here, like maybe the once-per-second Do Nothing = IQ/HT check to break out of mental/physical stuns somehow gets altered by Extended Duration, like requiring more consecutive Do Nothings to make the check, or limiting how often those checks can be made?
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