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Default Seaplanes or Amphibious Aircraft for Caribbean Adventuring and Logistics

J.R. Kessler, the ubiquitous centenarian billionaire Patron for a network of occult investigators and Monster Hunters (including the PCs), is mostly concerned with supernatural threats in the Caribbean, US Gulf Coast and neighbouring regions.

I've mentioned him in threads such as Caribbean by Night, Vile Vortices and Supernatural Threats, Study of Folklore and Magic in Texas and the Gulf Coast, Self-designation Terms for Different Monster Hunter Teams in the World and the recent Scientific Specializations for Exploring Unknown Island.

Now, Kessler himself lives on a 220' superyacht, the Penemue, and even back when he was still young enough to do any traveling off his mobile palace, he tended to prefer high-performance yachts, fast tenders, powerful boat transports and sleek go-fast boats to airplanes.

However, the logistics of dispatching occult investigators and small teams of armed Monster Hunters* around the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean quickly enough so that they are able to actually respond to events, not just investigate the aftermath, requires a way to reach almost any spot in the Caribbean without having to worry about flight schedules or available passenger service to the more out of the way places.

In classic Caribbean fashion, it calls for amphibious aircraft, seaplanes or flying boats. Certainly, Kessler will have interests in numerous international companies with access to more conventional private jets, but for Night Riding, sometimes you just need a seaplane.

I'm looking for suggestions on makes and models for a variety of potential tasks. The basic requirement is a compromise between performance as a transport (good crusing speed and range) and the ability to operate with minimal support.

Later on, Kessler will determine that for certain special locations or times, what is required are aircraft that are rugged, reliable and able to still function if computers and high-tech electronics start to fail. In the year 2018, he'll own several rugged and simple early TL8 aircraft, a few TL7 ones and maybe even some TL6 relics that can still fly eighty years or so after introduction. Most likely, the aircraft that his people have access to will be a mixture of such older planes, able to function inside Vile Vortices with significant paranormal activity, and more modern, more capable aircraft made in the 1990s and later.

Some tasks I was considering:

1) A high-end, modern amphibious aircraft available in 1995, to explore the Mysterious Unknown Island 250 miles north of Puerto Rico. Needs at least a 1,000 mile range and the ahility to carry at least four, as well as being able to operate for at least a few days with only a boat as a tender. I was considering the Wilson Global Explorer.

2) Small, but high-quality aircraft that would be good for transporting individuals or small teams of about four to places without landing places for private jets. Enough range to potentially cover fairly wide geographic areas with each one would be a nice bonus. Ideally, maintainable without massive infrastructure. Finally, avoid unnecessary technological complexity; i.e. it can have modern avionics and navigation systems, but it can't be a design that will crash immediately if a computer chip in the fuel inection system or engine fails.

3) Much like type 2 above, but able to carry 8-12 passengers and some luggage. Longer range; ideally enough to get from Nassau in the Bahamas to St. Lucia or at least Dominica.

Edit: I've narrowed down the roles required for Kessler's anachronistic transport network of occult investigators in 2018, in post #20. Still looking for guidelines on which contenders to choose for each role and suggestions for any aircraft of which I might not have thought.

Edit Again: I've got a preliminary list of aircraft and home bases for the logistics network up. Still looking for comments, views and answers to a few questions.

*Kessler prefers the term 'Night Riders', but to most people born after the Civil Rights Movement, that term is going to carry some... unfortunate implications.
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