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Default Re: Laminating materials

Originally Posted by Misplaced Buckeye View Post
If I might suggest something. Insert copies of record cards in the sheets made for baseball cards (or bigger they make them in all sizes) that would make them modular for your events. You can make your own if you have a Food Saver. Use the roll bags, heat seal both ends as well as create a seam across the middle then cut the sides to create the opening. Simple.
That's a fancier version of what I do now [print out the record sheets PDF and slice it up with a paper cutter]. When I'm playtesting, I jot numbers on a 3x5 card instead.

With that I'm thinking more general purpose, to be something fluffy rather than just sticking the existing record cards in the book somewhere...imagining the captivation that might come from wholly new people if there was (to borrow Battletech terminology) a mini Technical Readout that gives each cybertank a half-page profile...its picture, a quick stats read-out, a history blurb similar to what's in "Ogres playable in this edition" sidebar of the Battle Box rules (page 9).

Somebody that sees "Playable in this edition: Mark III-B" and goes looking through the contents of the box is going to get easily frustrated. Expecting someone new to the game to know to go to the company's website and dig around in the ODE supplemental material to get those cards is a bit much. Especially when the top result on google for "Ogre Record Sheet" is, which predates ODE by a good clip.
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Default Re: Laminating materials

I picked up a scotch laminator at wal mart for 18 bucks about 2 weeks ago
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