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Steven Marsh
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Default [New Release] GURPS Fantasy Folk: Winged Folk

Look . . . up in the sky! It's . . .GURPS Fantasy Folk: Winged Folk!

This supplement expands the worlds of the fantastic as deftly done in recent months by GURPS Fantasy Folk: Kobolds and GURPS Fantasy Folk: Goblins and Hobgoblins.

Winged Folk gives you all the eagle eye's view of these high-flying folks, with insight into their history, language, culture, and ways to use them in various campaigns. In addition to their core GURPS template, this supplement also provides templates for five professions, two magical styles, various gear, and more.

Get your head out of the clouds? Why bother?! The world's so much higher when you're a flyer, with GURPS Fantasy Folk: Winged Folk. Download it today from Warehouse 23!
Steven Marsh
Steve Jackson Games
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