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Default Very High Mana's FP recouping with funding variations


a mage who spends FP to cast a spell on his turn gets those FP back at the start of his next turn
I am wondering, does this exclude refunds if paying for spells' energy costs through other means other than one's FP pool?

There are a lot of other ways of fueling energy costs that have built up so I'm not sure how VHM policy applies to their use.

01) spending from Burning HP (B237/M8)
02) spending from Powerstone (M69) or Manastone (M70)
03) spending from Share Energy (M89)
04) spending from Draw Power (M180-1)
05) spending from Energy Reserve (P119/T50)
06) spending from Energy Orb (Dungeon Magic 19 left)
07) spending from Transference Bolt (Dungeon Magic 19 right)
08) spending from Blood Pool (F167/8)
09) spending from Meditative Magic (F161)
10) spending from Point Debt (F162)
11) spending from Corruption (H147)
12) spending from Black Magic (M156)
13) spending from Assisting Spirits (T90)
14) spending from Essence (T51)
15) spending from Paut (T52 left)
16) spending from Cone (T52 right)
17) spending from Static Power Supplies (T53) like ley line power channels
18) spending from Sacrifices (T54-55)
19) spending from Familiars (B38/T50/DF5p20)
20) spending from Vitality Reserve (Pyramid 3/75 pg 20)
Any ideas on yes/no for these?

I'm also not sure what happens (since "Concentrate" allows a "step", or you might be on a moving vehicle) if you cast a spell in VHM but have left the VHM boundary prior to the start of your next turn. Would you need to remain within the boundary for the FP to feed back into you?
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