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Default Re: Gaming philosophy conundra

Originally Posted by Lovewyrm View Post
So yeah, I myself, in regular speech, call many a non game game too.
It's probably quite human, too (perhaps a point of philosophy, too, even if probably off topic. It's like how we say "stupid computer" and other anthropomorphisms for things that don't even have a mind)
One thing to keep in mind, and that I suspect Bill was alluding with his reference to Wittgenstein, is that what a word means is largely defined by how a word is used, rather than what the dictionary definition is. Which is sometimes annoying, seeing as it results in things like "literally" being used to mean "figuratively," but is the way language works. It's not like the sound "game" has any intrinsic meaning, anymore than the code making up a bitcoin has any intrinsic value, so the meaning of the former can shift based on how people use it and the value of the latter can shift in the same way.

Originally Posted by Lovewyrm View Post
Like when I added up there that flying with a ship in EVE from station to station to pick up new missions, is not really gameplay but more like switching pages in a book.
Last time I read a paper book, there wasn't any risk of getting blown up by gatecampers from turning the page. I guess there was a small risk of a papercut, but with digital books even that's removed.

Also, the delay in switching stations, systems, etc, actually has a function. Several, really. Off the top of my head, in addition to adding a touch (or sometimes much more than just a "touch") of risk to the equation, the fact you can't just "fast travel" adds a lot of nuance to EVE markets. Sure, you can buy this item from that station for cheaper than this station, but it's far away or requires you to travel through lowsec (or maybe it's far away if going through highsec, but close by if you're willing to go through lowsec); maybe you could sell that item for a better price in Jita, but it's 30 jumps away. Instant teleportation would mean you might as well just have one global market for the whole of New Eden, and would also get rid of the entire purpose of courier contracts and the like. That delay, while a bit annoying (although given EVE Online's beautiful visuals, at least it's generally a scenic trip), adds so much to the game, it really wouldn't be the same without it.

But I digress...
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