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Default Re: How should i run monsters?

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
FIrst, given how flexible GURPS is I wouldn't say there is a "canonical solution" to any problem.

Second, Armor Divisor effectively kicks the idea of loading up on DR in the head. Allowing this to have enough DR withstand 6dx10(3) burn at maximum damage (180) is kind of ridiculous.

Besides Magery (racial -40%) Resist Fire-20 is "canonal" as well (Racially Innate Spells under Racial Magic, B453)
DR is "canonical" in the sense that multiple published templates have many levels of DR (Limited, Fire) as a way to model fire resistance in, for example, a fire elemental, fire-infused spirit, etc.

In the right setting, racial magic works fine, but it's a way to model a race with a magical ability to withstand fire (eg. a race of Fire Gnomes whose excellent smithing capabilities are aided by their ability to reach right into the forge, or something like that), as opposed to a race that can't be damaged by fire because of their nature (which may or may not be affected by mana, doesn't depend on a successful skill roll, cannot be negated by Dispel Magic or other countermeasures, etc., like a lava lizard that lives in a volcano).

I'm not saying I'm happy with this state of affairs. I wish there was a cleaner way to have "immune to fire damage" as an ability that costs less than hundreds of points. But clearly the publishers have declared DR the canonical method.
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