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Default Endzeit - Community Resource Management in an RPG

Hi guys

First off, I know that double postings are not allowed. Unfortunately I am unsure wheter to post this in the generic Roleplaying or the GURPS forum… but I guess the generic one fits better… anyway, thanks for reading!

I would like to pick your brains for ideas regarding a post-apocalyptic campaign I named Endzeit (End time). The nature of the apocalypse is not yet decided on - a meteor strike, nuclear war, zombies, global warming… but I think that is not that important at this stage.

The PCs would all play humans that were born after "the event" took place. They would not know the world as it was before.

At first, the goal of the campaign would be to help your community survive by gathering, stealing, dealing… resources. Be it water, food, building materials, weapons, ammunition, valuables, luxury goods…

The PCs should, at first, play the "task force" who helps the mayor (NPC) achieve his goals who acts as a benevolent dictator in the best interest of the community. Later, one of the PCs could become the new mayor (or the group as a whole could become the "high council", whatever) and guide the community through the post-apocalypse.

For the "normal adventures" or the "missions", I would use GURPS as a ruleset because that is my standart "go to" system that I like and know best.
So if the "high council" decides to conquer a neighbouring community, I would use the GURPS Mass Combat rules to find out wheter they are successful or not. I write this to show you that when my players want to conquer a neighbouring community, I would like them to have rules they can rely on and if they have the right kind of resources and a little bit of luck be successful, likewise they can fail, if they plan poorly or have incomplete information about the enemys strength.

My main problem lies with the resource management and how to model that. Of course there is the possibility that I, as a GM, could just "invent" how the community struggles or prospers depending on how the PCs carry out their missions. But I would rather have a ruleset that I can apply to these situations. In my experience it is nice for the players to have some "anchor" they can rely on regarding rules and also know before hand that if they fail to make a deal with the neighbouring community for food, half of their population will starve to death during the winter.

Even GURPS with its many supplements and rules expansion does - to my limited knowledge - not offer a ruleset to determine how many resources a society uses and produces. I might be wrong, but that's why I post here.

Unfortunately my horizon regarding board games is limited. Would it be possible to take the rules from a games like Settlers of Catan - which I have never played, just popped in my mind - and usem them as the resource management part of the game?

What game or ruleset would you recommend for me?

Do you have any tips regarding my idea?

Have you GM'd a game like the one I envision, how did it turn out?

I would very much appreciate your insight.



ps. Reading through the text I wrote I'm not sure I was able to make the point I intended to. English is not my first language and it is sometimes difficult to express in a way to bring my point across...

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