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Old 10-15-2016, 10:18 PM   #1
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Default Marvel Munchkin: Queue-ful of Questions

Hello all. A series of Marvel Core rules to check. Q1

~ Cap's Shield: "You cannot lose this item to traps or bad stuff." But if you get a card played on you that makes you lose items due to having to scrape up enough coins for payment/meeting a cost (ie Extremis) does Cap's Shield return to you?

Thanks in advance for the help, thanks to any and all parties involved who made this set happen. I just tricked my best friend, his wife and my 67yr old dad into tabletops because of this. It made Munchkin a 'once-a-month' game to 'a-couple-times-a-week' with me and my wife. Keep them coming, (all Munchkin, but Marvel would be great too. *CoughX-MENOwnGameCough* *CoughMoreAgentsCough* (Yeah yeah, licensing, I know, but a guy can dream.)

PS: Plz do not use "Queue-ful of Questions" as an expansion name...
PSS: Im not sure how many questions get asked about the Marvel set(s) but errata could be useful. I took some diving into the other sets' FAQ for some answers...

Edit: Sorry, "one question per thread." Will break them up into 4 separate posts.

Last edited by tyr4n02r; 10-15-2016 at 10:33 PM. Reason: Edit: Sorry, "one question per thread." Will break them up into 4 separate posts.
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captain america, cost, errata rules, marvel munchkin

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