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Default Re: Captain America Falling

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
The movie shield is pure vibranium (as described in Captain America - The First Avenger). Cap's shield in the comics is a unique unobtanium item made from trying to alloy vibranium with iron (adamantium was developed by the same guy later in an attempt to duplicate the indestructible properties of the shield). (The "adamantium/vibranium alloy" bit has never been reconciled with the account that adamantium was developed after the shield was created....)

Essentially, the comics shield is a handwave: "Okay, the shield absorbs the impact, transferring none of the damage to Cap. No, don't ask about physics, the shield is superscience."

As we're dealing with movie!Cap in this thread, based off the new movie due out, let's not muddy the waters when trying to deal with the inconsistencies of the comics, 'k?

From an earlier post, Cap is said to be doing a spread eagle for most of the fall, then twisting to land feet-first in the water. That's a standard sky-diving trick to attempt to slow the fall by providing as much body as possible. The real questions now are: How high up was the plane when he jumped out of it, and how high was he when he shifted to a naval frog-man's dive? Also, was he wearing his uniform or his civvies?
And the movie shield, while pure vibranium, is just as much handwavium as the comics version, considering it lets him take a direct strike from Mjolnir and absorb/deflect the impact enough that he's unharmed, and while knocked down, not driven into the ground like a tent peg. I say deflect as well as absorb based on the reflected shockwave knocking down trees... ;-)
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