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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
You know, this is one of the few times when a typo is ambiguous (bumbles or bumps).

Well I'm still standing too. I'll grab at them to attempt to daze.
Hua makes contact, and dazes her target. Security was waiting two minutes before following her in, and there is a dazed crew member in the section.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
OOC: OK, Pacifica should be firing a gun (because that's the weapon she can handle). She will be shooting as many shots as the gun allows w/o recoil (I have not restored my books yet, but I believe there's no rec). No second tries here (IC of course LOL, if I need luck I may use it).
Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
There's never no recoil. Laser weapons generally have Rcl 1. If this is the TL10 laser pistol from the Basic Set, it has RoF 10 and Rcl 1, so you'll get one additional shot hit for each margin of success you have.
In gurps recoil only effects the number of hits when you shoot more than once. Pacifica intentionally sought out a kinetic pistol, because that what's she's best at shooting. Of the burst of three shots, two of them hit. The second hit does 9 damage. The officer crumples under fire.

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
Okay, "Nijothu" is going to start going through the command center, he tries to calm people down, "All right people, we want the same thing as you, to get you back to work, so please just cooperate and soon everything will be back to normal."

He will then work his way through the section, using Mental Surgery on each person. He intends to make two passes, as with the security force.

Luck reroll for Mental Surgery critical failure

Okay, from the first 60 rolls he got one critical failure (rerolled with Luck), zero regular failures, and seven critical successes. At a guess, it probably worked on about 50 of the crew. He is then going to take five minutes to rest, and do it again.

He will try to do it in the same order, and I've mapped out the relative success for each roll for my own benefit to get a sense of how likely it was to take. 13, 22, 24, 29, 32, 34, 37, 48 are the ones I'm a bit concerned about, since they had margins of less than +6 on both rolls.
Talk about crit fishing... With the room surrounded by security and surrendered, Daymar is able to go back and forth running mind surgery on everybody. He thinks he got them all.
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