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Default Aid Spell, Damage, and Fatigue

Spinning off from a discussion of the Aid spell as it relates to the Death Spell, this thread is dedicated to the nuances of Aiding ST.

I've always interpreted the spell such that if, for instance, a ST 10 figure had their ST boosted to 15 with Aid, they could take up to 15 hits during the spell's duration before dying, with the caveat that taking more than 10 damage would kill them upon the spell's expiration. Example:
  • Zendas casts Aid on One Ton, boosting his remaining ST from 3 to 5. One Ton takes 3 hits of damage while the spell is on. When the spell expires, his ST goes to zero.
But, at the same time I have allowed wizards similarly buffed to expend ST provided by Aid essentially as a mana boost. This let wizards essentially transfer some or all of a spell's ST cost to the caster of Aid, which seems consistent with how apprentices are used to assist with spells with a high casting cost. Example:
  • Zendas casts Aid on Volto, boosting his ST from 3 to 5. Volto uses all of the boosted ST to cast Illusion. When the Aid spell expires, Volto's ST is 3.
Now that I think about it, that's inconsistent. However, I think it is in keeping with how the spell was envisioned.

How do you interpret Aid?
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