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Default Shield price

So, I was playing with numbers and noticed something strange about shield prices.

So, let's use a medium shield for example, round, composed of heavy wood, hide and metal. It weights 14lbs and costs $60.
The diameter of this shield is 2'6"(76cm), radius of 1'3"(38cm), so, his area will be 4.9 sqft(0.45m˛).
The shield would be made of oak(as per LTC2), 47.5lbs/cubic foot, using 1/2" Planks(the smallest ones) we get 9.7lbs, since a thicker one would exceed the shield weight, 1/2" oak it is. The cost for that is $50.5
The shield is covered in hide, since there isn't a hide price on LTC, we will use leather stats and ignore price. Armor weight leather weights 0.5lbs/sqft, so, we get 2.45lbs of leather.
Finally, the shield have a boss(weight of at least 2lbs, probably more, since changing the boss loses 2lbs), 2lbs of metal costs $13.8.

Now, let's do the math:
The shield is sold for $60, weighting 14lbs
The wood costs $50.5, the metal costs $13.8, even ignoring the rawhide price, we already have $64.3
The wood weights 9.7lbs, the hide 2.45lbs and the metal 2lbs, sum it all up and we have 14.15lbs, the weight is correct.
But this is the price of the materials, we still need to take into account the time to mount the shield.

So, there is a problem there, a guy building a shield would sell it for less than he paid for the materials, not to mention that he will waste time doing that, the hide will probably cost something and he will use more than 2lbs of metal.
What is the problem, was wood so expensive? were shields so cheap?
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