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Default How to handle price of lower TL item in higher TL?

As it is in the topic. How to handle price of lower TL item in higher TL? There are guideline rules in GURPS: Basic Set page 27 for situation where character is getting high TL item at lower TL and how this affects the items price. However nothing is said what happens for the price when the situation is other way around.

I have been searching this piece of information for quite some while now and haven't yet found the answer. There is however one place that I have found mention about this sort of thing but it is in 3rd edition Compendium 2 (sidebars page 8-9). This rule seems handy but why haven't I found such in 4th edition books? Has it been forgotten or thought to be an obsolete rule?

Closely related things in 4th edition books that I have found are bladed weapon price drop and quality increase at higher TLs (Basic Set page 274.) But this has sofar been the only one.

I am planning to make this pricedrop with TL to be a house rule unless I manage to find it from some 4th edition books.

Thank you in advance.
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