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Old 04-12-2021, 08:55 AM   #1
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Default GURPS Lite: Missing Rules/Shortcomings?

Hello Everyone

I am planning a campaign with rules mainly from GURPS Lite (for now).
Now I found some things, that are missing and I would like to have clarify, if that is indeed the case.
I am not talking about skills/advantages/equipment, but rules that look incomplete if I don't consider the basic rules.

Here are the things, that I am missing
  • Lite 16. Missile Weapon (DX/Varies); Flamethrower are listed without rules how to handle them.
  • Lite 19. RoF (Rate of Fire): Paragraph ends abrupt.
  • How to apply rapid fire (without rules for recoil)?
  • Lite 22. Pump Shotgun, RoF 2×9: Where is 2×9 explained?
  • How to handel Shotguns?

Are the rules missing in GURPS Lite?

I know that there are rules for this kind of stuff in the basic book
  • Basic 270. RoF (Rate of Fire)
  • Basic 271. Rcl (Recoil)
  • Basic 372. Rapid Fire
  • Basic 409. Shotguns and Multiple Projectiles
  • Basic 106. Jet

There is also nothing mentioned in the GURPS Lite errata:

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