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Default Re: Learning new talents

But I don't need to house rule this... with the exception of the penalty for abandoning your study (which admittedly could use some tweaking), the original rules are perfectly workable as written.
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Default Re: Learning new talents

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
... I'd suggest you draw up some house rules.
I did, back about 1984. It was easy, as I just extended the existing rules for learning things in Advanced Wizard (which I also still have) to apply to Talents as well (I ran a side campaign where there was low population and there were only so many specific armorers, physickers, naturalists, etc, so teaching other people talents was a vitally significant thing), and noted that some talents don't really need teachers or books (e.g. Swimming) and some probably can't be learned at all (e.g. Acute Hearing).

If the old books had said anyone can learn anything with experience points, without any source or taking any time to do so, it would have made magic spell knowledge a much flatter experience, and I'd've been confused by some of the details elaborate section on inventing new spells...

I mention it for the sake of the quality of the new edition, and mainly for new players. In particular, the concept that some things (especially spells, extra-especially uncommon-knowledge spells) would require a book or teacher to learn, can make a big difference in what a campaign is like.

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Default Re: Learning new talents

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
I can't find anything like the following rules in the revised ITL. Why was it removed?

As a character gains experience, he may add IQ points, allowing him to learn new abilities. However, a figure cannot just increase his IQ and suddenly gain a new ability "out of the blue" he must have studied it. At any time, a figure may be studying any three talents or languages. When he increases his IQ to the point where he can add a new talent or language, he may take any one of those that he has been studying (assuming, of course, that he also meets any DX or ability prerequisites for that talent). He may then start to study a new ability. A figure may choose to study anything he/she likes. However, it would be foolish for an IQ 8 figure to begin to study three IQ 13 talents, since he could not take any of them until he reached IQ 13. It is not necessary to learn new talents or languages in the order in which you begin to study them. If a figure, once having started to study a talent or language, wishes to abandon that study, he or she may do so, but there is a penalty: loss of half the experience points he/she has at the moment the study of that ability is abandoned, or 1,000 EP, whichever is higher. It is possible for a character to have a negative amount of experience points, but this does not cause loss of attributes or abilities it just means the character must work up to zero before accumulating a positive total again.
It is mentioned.

New ITL Page 144 - Learning New Spells
It is assumed that the wizard has been practicing the new spells as he goes along; they may be used immediately.

This can also be applied to Talents.

Perhaps a What Was Left Out of New TFT could be done.
I found the following removed:
  • Duels (old ITL p28): Duels paragraphs have been removed.
  • Clothing (old ITL p28): Removed?
  • Slaves (old ITL p34) Removed?
  • Language (old ITL p16) The Pidgin form of Language has been removed.
    If a character suddenly needs to use a language that he is studying, but does not yet know, the GM may allow him to try it. He speaks the language in "pidgin" form, getting no reaction roll adjustments for it. Every time an important item of information is presented (either by him or by those he is talking to) the GM makes a roll against the character's IQ. A missed roll means that there is a misunderstanding. GMs may be creative in inventing misunderstandings! Similarly, a player may try to read something written in a half-learned language - but there is a chance that he'll misunderstand each important piece of information.
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Default Re: Learning new talents

* Most of the Learning New Spells section on Advanced Wizard page 10. (Gives actual times/costs/requirements for learning spells from various teaching situations and books.)
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