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Default Hunter/Slayer

The following would be very campaign specific and players should probably check with the GM before taking them or choosing the target of the talent.
(Iím not sure if these are too powerful or not powerful enough). Also, these could serve as ĎAssassiní talents.

IQ 10
Hunter (2): The character is well versed in the strengths and weaknesses of a specific species (orc, goblin, human, dragon, etc). When making tests against this race such as tracking, or knowing something about them, the character gets a -1 to their rolls (not to hit rolls). In addition, in combat they score a +1 damage. This talent can be chosen multiple times, each time selecting a different race. Choosing your own race almost always requires membership in an assassin guild.

IQ 12
Slayer (2): Pre-requisite Hunter
The character is even more well versed in the lore of their hunted foe. They gain a -2 to all rolls versus the foe and a +2 to damage rolls.
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