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Default Seaplanes & Submarines

I've recently been pondering a setting combining two ideas I've had for some time.

The older idea, inspired by the cargo submarine from the old Traveller adventure Research Station Gamma, was a setting that due to poor weather conditions, (large) surface ships were rare and shipping (and the military) primarily relied on submarines.

The second idea, from my love of flying boats and floatplanes (and recently resparked by watching the DVDs of Tales of the Gold Monkey), wa to have seaplanes dominate land-based aviation.

(and yes, this combination does mean aircraft-carrying subs)

I'm aiming for a pulp setting, circa 1930-1945 technology. Tje two things I think I'll have to have, at a minimum, are:

(1) No large continents but many, many small islands (this makes seaplanes sufficiently useful).

(2) Frequent and heavy storms that are a real threat to sink surface vessels. Airplanes can go around or over them, submarines under them.

Any other ideas?
A generous and sadistic GM,
Brandon Cope

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