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Default Re: Reality Check: guns (lmg) and Gunner (mg)

Originally Posted by Ubiquitous View Post

I don't see the reason to differentiate the skills myself, but I'm sure GURPS has a reason.

EDIT: Basically, if you put a sniper rifle on a tri-pod, you don't turn it into Gunner: Cannon, you just collect your bonuses for bracing and such (right? If that's not how it works I'll look pretty foolish). I don't see a reason to outsource Guns (LMG) for Gunner: Machinegun for the same reason.
There's at least as much reason to differentiate Guns from Gunner as there is Guns(SMG), Guns(Rifle), and Guns(Shotgun).

Personally, I'd have made Guns(Shoulder Arms) and Guns(Handgun). Any deviation by type are Techniques at most, familiarity penalties possibly.

I have fired bolt action rifles, semi-auto rifles, and a few times a SMG (a semi-auto Thompson, and a full-auto MP5). You shoot 'em pretty much the same way, although this could be because my skill, while not LOW, isn't high enough to make a difference. Shotguns vs rifles ARE fired differently, at least with shot. As the person who taught me shotguns said, "you don't AIM a shotgun, you POINT a shotgun." There could be a -1 or -2 default here, improvable by Technique.

If you're putting the weapon to your shoulder and firing down the barrel using sights, rather than traverse and elevation controls and a rear grip, I'd say a good case for Guns rather than gunner exists.
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