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Default Let's hear about characters who do things other than murder people!

Lots of interesting discussion recently about character design concepts that explore different sides of the new rules. Most of these seem to focus on which character has the highest odds of stabbing someone authoritatively, so I thought it might be fun for a change of pace to talk about other sorts of characters one can put together with this game. Here's a random selection from the NPCs in my campaign:

Otto—Head Groom at Lord Ursel’s forest estate; an outgoing charmer
ST 11 DX 10 IQ 11
Carousing (1); Area Knowledge (Dimwald forest) (1); Horsemanship (1); Sex Appeal (1); Quarterstaff (1); Naturalist (2); Animal Handler (2); Vet (2)
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Default Re: Let's hear about characters who do things other than murder people!

Another fun NPC from my campaign:

The Oracle: A mad wizard who turned himself into a roughly human sized goo that telepathically communicates with those who come into his presence. Many come to him for guidance and magical influence, and he uses the Trance spell, sometimes aided by Astral Projection and other magical powers to answer their questions. But his gifts come at a terrible cost: he eats only bound live creatures, and must be fed to give service. When a prospective supplicant comes to his lair and present a question or begs some magical service, his handlers communicate with him telepathically and relay the cost he demands. This might be as simple as a dove bound in string or an insect in a small cage of woven grass, or as terrible as perfectly formed youth or well-known citizen of the city.

ST: 16 DX: — IQ: 23
Talents: Literacy (out of practice since he no long has an eye...), Detect Lies
Spells: Calling, Telepathy, Astral Projection, Trance, Shapeshifting, Insubstantiality, Geas, Death Spell, Spell Shield, Dispel Illusions, 7-hex Illusion.
Special: It is not obvious how the Oracle casts spells as a goo, but he does. His spell casting rolls are made vs. IQ. It is possible that this is a consequence of his wildly elevated IQ.
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