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Default Re: Urban Fantasy recommendations...pdf/resources.

Originally Posted by Mostlyjoe View Post
Which pdfs do you think would add to an Urban Fantasy game I'm developing.
Not they they'll help you very much, but GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War and the Hellboy Sourcebook And Roleplaying Game are two grwat 3e sources for urban fantasy.

The other thing I'm looking at is good source material. I've read the Harry Dresden series, but it's not quite to taste. I enjoy more action oriented high-cinematic stuff. Is there any books/movies that would be good background?
Any of the Hellboy movies (2 live, 2 animated), but especially the first live-action movie and the second animated (Blood And Iron).

I like _Big Trouble In Little China_, but it might be a little silly for you.

As for TV, you have the usual suspects of Buffy The Vampire slayer and Angel.

You might also find the Sookie Stackhouse books (by Charlaine Harris, basis of the True Blood series on HBO). It starts with vampires and one telepath and adds shifters, witches, faeries and other supernatural creatures as the series progresses.

_Vampire$_ by John Steakley might also be of use regarding humans fighting the supernatural (more or less) covertly.
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