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Old 09-04-2013, 05:59 AM   #121
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Salem's Lot: As per the S.King's novel, the villain being a "real" vampire, a monster diguised as a human and not the other way around... Non cinematic horror.

On The Brink Of The Abyss: WWII Call Of Cthulhu/Delta Green setting. Non cinematic, dark, fatalistic tone.
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Greg 1
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Beneath Castle Everyglory is a dungeon for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, written with the help of the good folk on these forums. Special thanks to Kuroshima for his awesome maps.

PDF version by Onkl can be found here

Wiki version at RPGnet can be found here
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Old 03-03-2016, 10:36 AM   #123
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Originally Posted by Greg 1 View Post
Beneath Castle Everyglory is a dungeon for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, written with the help of the good folk on these forums. Special thanks to Kuroshima for his awesome maps.

PDF version by Onkl can be found here

Wiki version at RPGnet can be found here
Are the maps for Level 4 and deeper not done yet? I posted a link to this on Gaming Ballistic, and Peter noted that while the dungeon delves deeply, the maps do not . . .
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I have been running a BPRD campaign for about 5 or so years.
The pcs are original characters in the BPRD. Basically an alternate reality from the comics/films that take the parts i like from both.

Theres a former cop turned werewolf. a Gypsy "ghost-killer" witch. A viking zombie and a clockwork cyborg Van Helsing type vampire hunter.

I treat each session as an episode of a tv show. So each has a self contained story that ties into an over arcing story.

I worked in some other franchises that I felt fit. Buffy, Blade (Blade 2 was a Del Toro film just like Hellboy), and Indiana Jones (in this version Indy helped found the BPRD).

The big bad ended up being Dracula (Hellboy creator Mike Mignola did storyboards for the Coppola Dracula film).

We ended the "original series" after two 13 episode "seasons". We played mostly in real time so we had a Christmas episode. Once played on full moon. The wolfman made all his willpower (with huge modifiers) rolls to avoid "wolfing out" so I ruled hed beaten the beast after that.

We returned to the universe later with BPRD: Black Books with some new characters and returning favorites. Basically black ops.

We have started a new one called BPRD: Monster Squad. With the wolfcop guy as basically the new Hellboy. riffing heavily from Agents of Shield.

I mix pregenerated adventures (adapted for the setting) from CoC and other stuff with original adventures. I like to homage pop culture. Next week they gonna have a Fury Road chase scene episode.

I could run this forever.
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Old 02-24-2017, 10:40 AM   #125
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Originally Posted by Nymdok View Post
GURPS Broken Moon - Based heavily on the Thundarr world from the old TV show.
Was this ever written up anywhere?

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

GURPS Fury of the Gods:

I ran a campaign online for a while.
It was good while it lasted, but I may need better methods of screening people online in the future to ensure they can actually commit to a scheduled game.

This was the arc I got through.

The players begin, ordinary folk living in a dwarven town. However, the town is unguarded. The guardsmen have gone missing under mysterious circumstances, and the town is unprotected. The players slowly uncover what happened:

A farmer in the area spotted a pair of orcs in the area, and ran to the town for help. Knowing the threat these creatures pose, the town guard brought most of their trained forces in to find and neutralize the threat, leaving only a skeleton crew behind. The small army was led into a trap, in which at least 3 cultists activated a ritual circle, destroying town guard and orcs alike in a continuous blast of destructive energy. This circle was just left going, and the cultists just ditched the place. However, there are clues left behind that they are planning an act of regicide, and that their squad leader is far from human.

Encouraged by the only surviving member of the guard, a mage who was just barely outside the range of the blast (he lost half his left hand), the players race to the capitol to inform the city protectors, only to find them disbelieving, rude, and racist to all non-dwarves (especially elves). In town however, they take part in some local affairs that should give them the influence to be heard.

I never got to the next part. The adventure before this is fairly on rails, leaving little room to maneuver. However, it was close to reaching the point the real adventure was meant to begin. The leader of the protectors, bound to the king, is forced to cordially invite them to a private meeting with him. The king, knowing what they are like, refuses to have any of the guard in the nearby rooms and chambers, trusting the security of a palace deep underground with theoretically only one entrance. The king gives a brief exposition to remind the players that dwarven lines of rulership work in the title always being passed down to someone the former king declared to be the most moral and worthy of the line of succession. He explains that his current person he has nominated in the event of his untimely death would be the current leader of the town guard. However, he does not trust them with such power. He wants to ask the PCs if they have a single leader among them who they unanimously agree would be a good choice.
This meeting is called in to be a banquet. Servants have been coming to place trays of food on the table, and yet despite the table being only half-full, they have stopped coming. And some light-grey smoke is trailing from the doors to the kitchen. This is not natural smoke. And then, darting from the doorway, a cloaked figure in a silver mask shaped like a giant eye with a hand pressed to either side will run from the kitchens, and assassinate the king right in front of the party. They get a brief moment to try and fight him, but metal weapons pass harmlessly through him, and all spells cast at him arc and are absorbed by his gauntlet.

This scene defines the entire rest of the adventure. The commander of the protectors becomes queen, declaring war on the elves, and sending out search parties of hundreds of righteous soldiers who genuinely believe in her across the countryside searching for her. The players may soon discover that the group responsible for the assault on the town and similar attacks across the surface is just a splinter group of a far larger organisation, which has organised a war as a smokescreen for their plotted razing of half the surface. The leader of this cult, and indeed the source of all the power they wield, including resurrection, is in the strangest of forms. And the reason that the gods have allowed this to happen completely redefines the way sentience, and psi, should be viewed in this setting.

Even a perfect god could only shape one aspect of the world. But a perfect man, could shape every aspect of a god.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

The Formula

Imagine a world very like our own. Super powers, magic, psionics, and aliens are all things of fiction. Into this world comes: The Formula.

The Formula is a retrovirus designed to alter human genetics and bestow Powers. The idea is that some super powers or psionics are feasible, such as super strength (Wonder Woman), telekinesis (Jean Grey), mind reading (Prof X), teleportation (Nightcrawler), and so forth. Blatant violations of the laws of physics, such as super speed (Flash), mutating oneself into a human rock (Ben Grimm) or steel (Colossus) or giant (Hulk), or lasers from your eyes (Superman) are right out, but there is a lot of room for semi-realistic super powers.

The players are test subjects who volunteered for an experiment, but didn't know it was anything like this! When they awaken, they find themselves in the middle of a riot. Seems some criminals were given super powers and are testing out their new abilities by looting, robbing, and fighting off the police. The players decide to help put down the rioters, but risk the police mistakenly shooting at them too. Some time after this riot is put down (and most of the super-criminals escape), the government hires/co-opts the group into helping them find out what happened, catch the criminals, and prevent the creator of this retrovirus from repeating.

This can last as long as you want, be serialized (villain of the day), or whatever you want. Our game lasted about a dozen sessions.
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Old 07-16-2018, 12:43 PM   #128
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Just posted a new GURPS Horror adventure set in the Old West, chock full of handouts, pregenerated characters, and good old-fashioned, spirit world evil.

The Black Mine of Teihiihan -- The PCs barely survive a brutal train derailment, only to find themselves lost in the wild and hunted by cannibalistic creatures from the spirit world.

Would love any feedback you guys have -- enjoy!
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Expansion on an earlier mention, as we're still playing and expanding this world:

Our main fantasy world is 'Halfallaan' which is a world with some differences from our own, such as a moon with two small moons, slightly less landmass than Earth (in three main continents and many island chains), yet has something the 'sun runs on' people call 'the arch' or 'the iron ring' depending upon local belief.

Essentially, the idea is that earth-history-like cultures exist, (Celto-Viking, Russian-horse barbarian, Chinese, 'Arabian', etc.) but always have a twist.

Many cultures have a familiar group of gods, virtues or principles who can be recognised by travellers as being similar to their own, but with relative importances, etc. varying according to location.

The new monotheistic religion worships the sun and is centred on a state modelled on the later Roman empire, as if it had grown up around great Zimbabwe in Africa rather than Constantinople.

There has been an earlier race or culture that seems to have retreated somewhere, localities of power that appear to breed strange creatures, and ancient towers, fortresses and deserted cities to be shunned or explored by the brave.

Oddest of all (to this player), there exists a cult / legend / way of living that seems to have it's centre in the belief that the world itself is alive, controlling fate and destiny, that is variously worshipped, followed or persecuted differently around the world.

While we began in a Celtic Myth-style game, the availability of ocean-going long-ships means that we have explored and discovered that their are places and peoples with higher technology, while the 'Mad Northerners' who we represent seems to have the best handle on knowledge of 'the truth of the world' that many scholars seek.

It's been a blast, really suits our group who try hard to place their way of thinking in alignment with their character's knowledge and world-view, as well as playing being guardedly surprised by things such as a ship with a dragon inside that boils water to turn paddlewheels, this dragon being served by an 'engineer', a word we recognise as one from a tale where our ancestors became 'the Gods' when 'The Wolf' (the aforementioned principle that represent the life of the world) used his 'engine' on them.


So far we have had four or five campaigns running in semi-parallel, with rare cross-overs, but the intent is that knowledge of the future (gained from investigations into the fate and destiny of individuals) will guide us all into a confrontation with the Three Dark Gods in their Tower at the Top of the World at some future time.

That the whole place seems also to be a colony world in the far future, perhaps being controlled by a race bank or some-such that imprints individuals with talents or functions before they are born is icing on the cake, from my position.

Hope this inspires!
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Old 12-23-2019, 11:28 PM   #130
Ed the Coastie
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I don't usually have a lot of time for GMing (I'm a full-time college student these days), but have recently been asked to run a GURPS game for the "Mishaps" -- a group of teen-and-tween players at my FLGS.

What I have been working up is an After The End adventure called Beneath Zierath Tor. Set about 9 generations after WWIII, it is a "sword-and-sorcery" quest for the long-lost tower of an ancient wizard known as "Zierath the Undying." Of course, everyone knows that Zierath and his tower are only a myth...but if that is the case, why did the disembodied whale brain that has been running the nearby Gaia Dome for the past two centuries send a fragmentary message to the PCs urging them to find it?

So far we have four PCs created -- a male human swordsman, a male dark-elf swordsman, a female light-elf "wizard" with a medic background, and a male dwarf engineer. There is also going to be one adult playing an old human caravan guide familiar with the area around the Gaia Dome. (He's technically a "supporting NPC" because the kids are the ones who make all of the decisions; he just gives advice but otherwise follows their lead.) We figure that the adventure will run for the next couple of weeks or so, before I have to return to my studies.
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