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Old 02-11-2012, 01:23 AM   #101
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Not my game, exactly, but one I'm playing in:

1752: PCs are members of the king's army, recently pressed, I mean volunteered for duty and shipped off to the northern colonies to suppress natives and French intruders in St. Johns Newfoundland.

Before long, our heroes start running into weird problems: hags, small furry men, a Kraken which attacks both their ship and the French vessel they were currently boarding.

Along the way, they discover they have some strange abilities themselves:

The gunsmith/shootist (me) discovers he is a Quick Gadgeteer and Gunslinger.
One regenerates, one has Snatcher, one is sickeningly lucky and the last is apparently a timelord, complete with Whovian regeneration.

Then we discovered a "tardis" (below decks there is an extra-dimensional section which creates accommodations for crew as needed, tailored to our needs - for example, mine has a forge and shooting range) actually a York ship, which jumped forward to 1808 for one mission involving enemy time-travellers and intelligent, bipedal reptiles, then jumped forward again to 1888 where an entity possessed one of our own to take over for Jack the Ripper while some of us are working on an Analytical Engine for the crown prince.
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Old 03-12-2012, 07:20 AM   #102
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Banestorm Straight Fantasy as per the book with some cinematic elements, although I used all the extra books I could (and I have them all--I think I showed SJ a pic of my GURPS wall when he was here and he was impressed).
First set in about 1992, when I started the game; ran fortnightly in approximate real time until about 1998, then I accelerated it a bit as I wanted the Demon War to start on 1st Jan 2001 (in 1999 real time). :) They managed to stop it, by the way.

In 2001 (after a short hiatus to write stuff) I ran a follow-up with different characters trying to avoid both one of the consequences of the Demon War and a strike from a 12 mile wide moon. That ran for about a year.
This was more cinematic in style, as befitting a swashbuckling crew of adventurers (two humans, a 'civilised' gargoyle, and a 4' dragon).

After another short hiatus (a couple of years) I started again 200 years after the Demon War--population is still down, demonologists are looked down on by necromancers, large parts of the world are still contaminated, but things still need investigating and megalomaniacs need to be stopped.
This is both more cinematic and a little steampunk, and more directed as they are employed investigators. It includes a descendant of the 4' dragon above.
This game is ongoing, it has no website at present. It will do.
Paul May | MIB 1138 (on hiatus)

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Old 04-21-2012, 11:24 AM   #103
Johnny Angel
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Location: Pennsylvania
Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Both of these links go to material intended for D&D, but there are still plenty of good ideas involved. With most of the story and writing work already done for you, all that's left is just plugging in GURPS versions of critters in place of their D&D counterparts.
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Old 05-06-2012, 09:04 PM   #104
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

The campaign I'm working on and hope to start next year is called Arlun which is the name of the part of the worl it is set in.
Background is that there are two main gods, actually students in a ultra-long-lived race from another dimension. Their graduation test is the background of the campaign and only one can pass. The two are called "The Master of Light" and "The Master of Secrets" but only The Master of Light is commonly known.
The Master of Light pushes for technology and The Master of Secrets pushes for magic.
Known races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Felinoids, Halflings, Orcs and Dragons.
The Dragons were originally the monitors of the test but they rebelled and destroyed things so that they could stay here. Thus the world went from a TL-7 or maybe TL-8 world to a TL-1 world inside of a year. The world is presently TL-3 with flashes of TL-4 but the Dragons act to prevent the increaqse of Tech Level.
The Humans are the main race and will be the deciding factor in who graduates. The Elves like the world at TL-3 and work with the Dragons, but without the violence the Dragons use, to keep it at TL-3. The Dwarves want to increase the TL and remember the world before the fall. Halflings want the world to stay low tech. Felinoids don't really care. Orcs just want to get back to their home dimension because this one is driving them insane.
Magic has just entered the world, the mana level is still Low, and there are few spells available to teh players.
There are tribal gods who are actually assistants to The Master of Secrets and they tend to work together. The Master of Secrets tends to stay a secret but is known to some people.
Priests of The Master of Light will kill any mage they can if they can get away with it. They will also kill any priests of the tribal gods if they can get away with it. Priests of The Master of Light use Psionics.
Tribal priests and mages will kill any priest of The Master of Light if they can get away with it. Tribal priests use spirits for magic and mages use mana of course.
Arlun has many small nationalities / tribes - think Europe with the plethera of independant Dukes, Counts, Princes, etc. after the fall of Rome; especiall Germany. This is after the fall of the Randan Empire.
The players will start out as normal people in a small County. They will be given the task of delivering an artifact to a nearby kingdom. They are delivering the real artifact because it is known that there are many people who are after it. So the Count has sent a decoy with a strong party that is known to carry it. He expects that the decoy party will attract all the attention and no one will pay attention to the PC party.
When the party gets to their destination they discover that a single Dragon has completely destroyed their home county in a single day. (It really took three, but who's counting.) They return home to discover that while not everyone was killed, over 90% of the population was. The neighboring countries are moving in to claim the land. When they return, one of the nobles who is taking over will asign them to head to a nearby Dragon who is known to be somewhat friendly to Humans and see if they can learn why the destruction happened.
Past this I haven't a clue what to do.
The World's Tallest Dwarf
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Old 05-31-2012, 03:04 PM   #105
Ego Archive
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Location: Mpls, MN
Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Currently running a DF game in a "powered up" version of Banestorm. We are just finishing the Fire Demon adventure, which is going to lead into my rescue in the "Cursed City" story arc, which will hopefully lead into an attempt to find the Collegio Januari.

As the group is returning from the Hidden Fortress, they will see a blinding flash in the sky to the northeast.

When they get back to town they will find out that the City of Authenwood (20 years ago, a successful attempt to resettle Autheuil was endeavored), has been partially destroyed in a massive explosion. Now Monstrous creatures pour out of the destroyed region, and the dead walk the streets. Several wealthy families will be paying handsomely for adventurers to help with refugee's, and to particularly locate missing family members.

Eventually they will hopefully unearth what happened on the cataclysmic night, and that should lead them to search out a little known temple of Janus in the Zarak mountains.
Profession Life path Templates

[DF]One Shot - Crevan Brokenhand's Last Rest

Towndale: A user generated fantasy town for any game system.
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Old 06-30-2012, 09:20 PM   #106
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I thought I'd draft a couple one-page dungeons to have some adventures to pull out in a pinch, and I decided to start posting them. I have one up, Lair of the Frogmen, putting the traps on a separate page and the monsters up on Jürgen's site.

Edit: And now I have added another one, The Haunted Village Crypt.

And now I have added a third one, The Demons Beneath the Town. I wonder if I should try to start a thread to encourage more of these, since the first one listed (but second one made) took only a week, and would be good for new GMs.
Cura isto securi, Eugene.

My GURPS blog.

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Old 07-07-2012, 04:16 PM   #107
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I have put my Wandered Roads campaign on hold for a while (3 years was a good first run) and am currently running 1 table top and one online GURPS game. Both are set in the Pathfinder universe. The table top group has just finished the first module of the Rise of the Runelords AP (over the course of 1 years time and 12 game sessions - we only play about once a month) and the online group is about halfway through the 1st module of the Second Darkness AP (played 10 3-4 hour sessions so far - we game every other sunday evening on MapTool). Very basic sites can be seen here:

Heroes of Sandpoint

and here

Dark Paths of Riddleport

I am also PLAYING in a Banestorm camapign titled Dekemara Knights. The characters are Silver Hand agents trying to figure out some world-shaking events that are about to take place in Dekemara in southern Megalos. Run by ArneJ from the forum boards.
Dark Paths and Wandered Roads contains all session reports of my GURPS campaigns. Some have been running for multiple years. Check them out!

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Old 02-11-2013, 08:59 PM   #108
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I put my sandbox notes up here. I haven't run anything here yet, so if anyone catches anything, let me know.
Cura isto securi, Eugene.

My GURPS blog.
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Old 02-22-2013, 09:08 PM   #109
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Location: New Hampshire
Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I will be posting a large campain background partly inspired by a Dark Souls, Warhammer, and a few good books I've read. But largely I'm trying to create my own world.
I figure I'll put Aneraph here when I finish the massive first draft.
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Old 03-18-2013, 10:42 PM   #110
Join Date: Mar 2013
Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I have a sci-fi campaign that I'm keeping track of on my blog The first article Out of Chaos comes hope. Details the origins of the campaign and all the backstory articles going into making this. As the campaign gets rolling I hope to keep it up to date.

Player and Character profiles will be posted as they develop.
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