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Default [Thaumatology] Critique My Magical Styles

Okay, so as part of a modern fantasy (secret magic, humans only) setting I'm working on, I've decided to write up a lot of Magical Styles for it. I've wrote up three so far, I'd like the forum to look through them and point out any flaws you percieve. Particular things to look for; bad choices in the spell lists in general, problems with the concept clashing with the spell list, issues with the custom Secret Spells, advice for future style building, more creative names for the Levels as per Style...

Standard magic system is generally the usual spells as skills, but based on Will and with Threshold-Limited Mana from Thaumatology.
Any points spent on spells are NOT subject to rules for Maintaining Skills (B294) no matter what due to their unbreakable connection to the wizards' soul.
Used by most wizards, although the symbolic modifiers used are often different, based on real occult beliefs the wizards adopts for his own use.
Other magic system mechanics are used by several unique factions and groups in the setting (for instance, one faction uses Noun/Verb Syntactic Magic).
Magical Powers and the Imbuement skills are rarer than standard spellcasting, but not too uncommon. Some magical styles even allow access to them.
Magical Styles are hard to CREATE and can only be learned from certain sources.

First style next post.
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Critique My Magical Styles

Eye of the Panopticon

15 points

Style prerequistite: Magery 1 (Not One College Only)

This style was created by the witch who would become the leader of the Watchtower faction, a socialist dictatorship grounded in the principles of workers' rights, opposing the exploitation of magical resources for war and integrating the political systems of wizarding society with the mundane world very rarely.

The witch, known as The Panopticon, based her style's theory and practice on careful information gathering, counter-magic, all kinds of defenses, secrecy and stealth ambushes. Unlike many magic-users, The Panopticon had managed to learn and improve upon the more powerful Information spells, including certain forms of Divination, a rare magic even now.

Required Skills: Observation, Thaumatology, Hidden Lore (Wizards), Body Language, Search, Detect Lies, Tactics, Traps.

Required Spells: Keen Vision, Sense Foes, Detect Magic, Scryguard, Counterspell, Ward.

Perks: Spell Bond, Sanctum, Secret Mage, Obscure True Name, Blocking Spell Mastery, Reduced Foot Print, Spell Hardiness, Spell Resistance, Stabilizing Skill, Precision Recharger, Special Exercises (Magery), Thaumatological Doublespeak, Elixir Resistance, Brute Force Spell, Fast Casting, Intuitive Cantrip (Magical Analysis), Magical Style Adaptation, No Gestures, No Incantations, Permit, License, Rule of 17, Sacrificial Blocking Spell, Secret Spell (any Divination spells in the style), Shortcut to Power (Aura, Dispel Magic, Hide Thoughts, See Invisibility), Spell Duelist, Paraphernalia Pro, Magical Lawyer, Super-Sympathy, Wizardly Dabbler, Rules Exception (Can Learn the Cinematic Skills Listed Under Optional Traits as Magical Abilities).

Level 1: Keen Vision, Sense Foes, Detect Magic, Scryguard, Counterspell, Ward.

Six L1
Level 2: Identify Spell, Keen Hearing, Test Food, Shield, Block, Sense Life, Analyze Magic, Seek Water, Seek Food, Scrywall, Great Ward, Suspend Spell, Reflect, Sense Emotion, Blur, Hide, Far-Hearing, Hawk Vision, Night Vision, Conceal Magic, Deflect Missile, Hold Fast, Hardiness, Turn Blade, Silence.

Eight L2
Level 3: Alertness, Aura, Mage Sense, Mage Sight, Seeker, Truthsayer, Sense Danger, Nightingale, Watchdog, Armour, Missile Shield, Magelock, Hide Emotion, Wizard Eye, Wizard Ear, Invisibility, Catch Missile, Sense Observation, Avoid, Detect Poison, Sense Spirit, Dark Vision, Magic Resistance, Encrypt, Blade Turning, Wall of Silence, Hush, Converse.

Eight L3
Level 4: Trace, Dispel Magic, Dream Viewing, Mystic Mist, Sense Mana, Mind-Reading, Mind-Search, Compel Truth, Hide Thoughts, Invisible Wizard Eye, Invisible Wizard Ear, Reverse Missiles, Return Missile, Insignificance, See Invisibility, Projection, See Secrets, False Aura, Catch Spell, Scryfool, Spell Shield, Rear Vision, Reflect Gaze, Force Dome, Force Wall, Mage-Stealth, Message.

Nine L4
Level 5: Patherfinder, History, Divination (Oneiromancy)*, Divination (Cartomancy)*, Divination (Augury)*, Divination (Sortilege)*, Divination (Dactylomancy)*, Mind-Sending, Soul Rider, Telepathy, Astral Vision, Reconstruct Spell, Images of the Past, Echoes of the Past, Shield Wall, Pentagram, Remove Aura, Utter Wall, Utter Dome.

* = Requires Secret Spell perk.

Attributes and Secondary Characteristics: Improved Per, Will and IQ.
Advantages: Empathy, Improved Magery, Combat Reflexes, Acute Vision, Contacts (Watchtower Agents), Danger Sense, Security Clearance, Patron (Watchtower).
Disadvantages: Paranoia, Sense of Duty (Watchtower), Duty (Watchtower), Secret, Enemies.
Skills: Interrogation, Dreaming, Strategy, Mental Strength, Mind Block, Psychology, Research, Intelligence Analysis, Forensics, Criminology, Politics.
Cinematic Skills: Sensitivity, Precognitive Parry, Blind Fighting.
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Critique My Magical Styles

Entropy's Gift

15 points

Style Prerequisites: Magery 1+ (Not One College Only)

The magical style named Entropy's Gift is a mixture of malcontent existentalist philosophy, abstract theory on mana warping, disturbing vivisection and suicidal impulses. The style teaches that communing with entropy via magic is the path to understanding one's self and the selves of others, that the act of destruction through specially tweaked spells can open holes to strange possibilities by poking holes in the current reality's status quo. The theory ties into the assumption that alternate universes with different laws of physics exist and that fluctuations in the local mana background (aspected mana, for instance) have something to do with them. Many stylists, including the creator of Entropy's Gift, also believe that mental trauma and bodily pain can studied through magical practice in order to better develop one's mind and soul. Stylists ping-pong emotionally between cool observation and vicious lashing out. They often get creative in their "public experiments"

L1 (All required):
Death Vision, Final Rest, Counterspell, Block, Debility, Dull Hearing, Dull Vision, Dull Touch, Dull Taste and Smell, Block.

Ten L1
Decay, Frailty, Forgetfullness, Weaken Will, Extinguish Fire, Suspend Spell, Fear, Terror, Panic, Bravery, Stop Power.

Five L2
Strike Dumb, Madness, Permanent Forgetfullness, Mindlessness, Permanent Madness, Steal Energy, Dullness, Destroy Air, Destroy Water, Devitalize Air, Pain, Undo, Poison Food, Turn Spirit, Hunger.

Seven L3
Age, Agonize, Sensitize, Strike Deaf, Strike Blind, Strike Numb, Strike Barren, Thrist, Pestilence, Evisceration, Weaken Blood, Weaken, Shatter, Rive, Deathtouch, Steal Vitality, Steal Power, Foul Water, Dispel Illusion, Dry Spring, Frostbite, Slow Healing, Stop Healing, Wither Limb, Find Weakness, Sickness, Nightmare, Will Lock, Magic Resistance, Turn Zombie, Blight, Wither Plant, Dehydrate.

Eight L4
Dispel Magic, Explode, Remove Curse, Banish, Suspend Magic, Suspend Curse, Suspend Mana, Drain Mana, Animate Shadow, Dispel Creation, Rotting Death, Disintegrate, Ruin, Repel Spirits, Burning Death, Glitch, Malfunction.

Eight L5
Drain Magery, Suspend Magery, Curse, Annihiliation*, Oblivion*, Prolong the Suffering*, All Others Must Fail*, Instant Enlightenment*, Everything is Permitted*, Nothing is Sacred*, You Are Empty*, We Die Alone*.

* = Requires the Secret Spell perk with appropriate specialisation in addition to other prerequisites.

Required Skills: Psychology, Intimidation, Thaumatology, Mediation.

Style Perks: Elixir Resistance, Far-Casting, Secret Spell (Annihiliation, Oblivion, Prolong the Suffering, All Others Must Fail, Instant Enlightenment, Everything is Permitted, Nothing is Sacred, You Are Empty, We Die Alone), Shortcut to Power (Dispel Magic, Rotting Death, Disintegrate), Special Exercises (Magery), Spell Bond, Spell Duelist, Spell Resistance, Thaumatological Doublespeak, Shaman's Trance, Controllable Mental Disadvantage, Blood Magic, Flagellant's Blessing, Brute-Force Spell, Spell Hardiness, Frightening Side Effects, Secret Words, Spell Bond, Intimidating Curses, Adjustable Spell, Corpse Smart, Kill Switch, Reduced Footprint, Rule of 17.

Attributes: Improved Will.
Disadvantages: Callous, Chronic Depression, On the Edge, Bloodlust, Odious Personal Habit.
Advantages: Fearlessness, Improved Magic Resistance, High Pain Threshold.
Skills: Stealth, Urban Survival, Mind Block, Mental Strength, Alchemy (for hostile elixirs), Forced Entry, Explosives, Traps.


Annihiliation (VH)
See Magical Styles p36, but Prerequisites are 8 Level 5 spells from the school of Entropy's Gift and Magery 3.

Oblivion (VH)
Same as Annihiliation, but for spirits.
Prerequisites: Annihiliation and Repel Spirits.

Prolong the Suffering (VH)
Caster automatically succeeds at next HT roll to avoid dying.
Duration: 1 day. Must be recast.
Cost: 10.
Time to cast: 1 second.
Prerequisites: Any 10 spells from the school of Entropy's Gift and Magery 3.

All Others Must Fail (VH)
Normal; Resisted by Will
The next success roll the subject of this spell makes against the caster within 24 hours is automatically considered to be an 18. This spell is limited to one subject affected at a time.
Cost: 4. Cannot be maintained.
Time to cast: 4 seconds.
Prerequisites: Curse.

Instant Enlightenment (VH)
Normal; Resisted by Will
For the duration of this spell, the disadvantages of the target (such as Vow, Code of Honor, Sense of Duty, Obsession, etc.) are ignored.
Duration: 1 hour.
Cost: 2 per -5 points of Disadvantages ignored. Half to maintain.
Time to cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Will Lock and Permanent Madness.

Everything is Permitted (VH)
Name an One Try spell that was attempted on the target and failed, that spell can be attempted once more.
Cost: Half cost of normal base casting cost of targeted spell.
Time to cast: 1 minute.
Prerequisites: Any 12 spells from the school of Entropy's Gift, including Prolong the Suffering, and Magery 3.

Nothing is Sacred (VH)
Normal; Resisted by highest Endurance among targeted spells
Instantly ends any and all magical spells affecting caster.
Cost: 1 plus 1 per 2 spells targeted.
Time to cast: 1 second per spell targeted.
Prerequisites: Drain Mana.

You Are Empty (VH)
Normal; Resisted by Will
Target suffers the effects of Chronic Depression with a Self-Control Number equal to their Will for the next 24 hours.
Cost: 6. Cannot be maintained.
Time to cast: 5 seconds.
Prerequisites: Instant Enlightenment.

We Die Alone (VH)
Normal; Resisted by higher of Will or HT
Next HT roll to avoid death within 24 hours is rolled three times and the worst result is taken.
Cost: 6. Cannot be maintained.
Time to cast: 4 seconds.
Prerequisites: One of All Others Must Fail, Rotting Death, or Annihiliation.
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Critique My Magical Styles

Hidden Blade of the White Adversary

16 points

Style Prerequisite: Magery 1+ (not One College Only)

This style focuses on Imbuements, stealth, knife fighting, channeling anger, counter magic and counter attacks. It was created by The Panopticon's loyal bodyguard and lover, The Nemesis, in collaboration with other Watchtower Thaumatologists as part of his attempt to integrate battle magic with his trademark knifefighting (using extremely potent enchanted knives), his use of the semi-automatic pistol and stealth tactics. It puts much emphasis on anti-magic measures, newly developed magical Imbuements channeled through knives and the quick kill through an accurate, unexpected and silent strike.

Required Skills: Thaumatology, Knife, Thrown Knife, Stealth, Tactics, Holdout, Innate Attack (Any One).

Required Spells: Ignite Fire, Sense Life, Counterspell, Detect Magic, Dull Vision, Dull Hearing, Ward, Death Vision.

Perks: Area Spell Mastery, Boost Enchantment, Blocking Spell Mastery, Blood Magic, Brute-Force Spell, Combat Ceremony, Continuous Ritual, Convenant of Rest, Elixir Resistance, Enhanced Spell, Far-Casting, Fast Casting, Flagellant's Blessing, Flexible Ritual, Frightening Side Effects, Huge Subjects, Intuitive Illusionist, License, Magical Style Adaption, Magical Weapon Bond, Mana Compensation, Melee Spell Mastery, Mighty Spell, Missile Spell Mastery, Named Possession, No Gestures, No Incantations, Obscure True Name, Paraphernalia Pro, Permit, Power Casting, Psychic Guidance, Reduced Footprint, Reinforce, Rule of 17, Sacrificial Blocking Spell, Sanctum, Shortcut to Power (Deathtouch, Pentagram, Rotting Death, Choke, Reflexes, Magic Resistance, Dispel Magic), Special Exercises (FP can exceed HT by 100%, Magery), Secret Mage, Spell Bond, Spell Duelist, Spell Hardiness, Spell Resistance, Super-Sympathy, Thaumatological Doublespeak.

Attributes: Improved Will, FP, Basic Speed and DX.
Advantages: Ambidexterity, Allies, Contacts, Armour of Contempt, Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense, Extra Attack, Fearlessness, High Pain Resistance, Imbue (Magical), Improved Magery, Improved Magic Resistance, Rank (Watchtower), Secret Cache, Signature Gear, Social Regard (Feared), Weapon Bond.
Perks: Forgettable Face, Honest Face, Shooting Style Familiarity (Point Shooting or Modern Pistol), Martial Arts Style Familiarity (Dagger Fighting).
Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Fanaticism (Watchtower), Loner, Berserk, Bloodlust, Intolerance (Non-Watchtower Faction), Secret (Assassin), Enemy, Callous, Jealousy.
Skills: Guns, Brawling, Karate, Smuggling, Poisons, Alchemy, Hidden Lore (Wizards), Acting, Intimidation, Staff, Quick-Draw (Any), Climbing, Jumping, Wrestling, Traps, Maine-Gauche, Mental Strength, Mind Block, Psychology, Gesture, Running, Body Language, Disguise, Escape.
Techniques: Aggressive Parry, Attack from Above, Choke Hold, Counterattack (Knife), Disarming (Knife), Neck Snap, Retain Weapon (Knife), Targeted Attack (Knife Thrust/Vitals), Targeted Attack (Knife Swing/Neck), Combination, Feint (Knife), Kicking, Knee Drop, Knee Strike, Leg Grapple, Reverse Grip, Wrench Limb, Wrench Spine, Reverse Grip (Knife), Targeted Attack (Pistol Skull).
Imbuement Skills: Annihilating Weapon (Knife), Arching Shot (Guns (Any)), Bank Shot (Guns (Any)), Continuing Attack (Knife), Crippling Blow (Knife), Dancing Weapon (Knife), Drugged Weapon (Knife), Electric Weapon (Knife), Envenomed Weapon (Knife), Far Shot (Guns (Any), Ghostly Weapon (Knife), Guided Weapon (Thrown Knife), Homing Weapon (Thrown Knife), Incendiary Weapon (Knife), Multi-Shot (Thrown Knife), Penetrating Strike (Knife, Thrown Knife), Project Blow (Knife), Stealthy Attack (Knife, Guns (Any), Thrown Knife), Sudden Death (Knife), Dazzlingy Display (Knife), Deafening Display (Knife), Fatiguing Strike (Knife), Strike of Negation (Knife/Magic), Toxic Strike (Unarmed, Knife), Vampiric Weapon (Knife), Withering Strike (Knife), Blinding Defense (Armour), Blunting Armour, Energizing Defense (Armour), Expand Armour, Fireproof Armour, Healthful Armour, Impenetrable Armour, Insulated Armour, Nullifying Armour (Magic), Padded Armour, Reinforce Armour, Restorative Armour, Rigid Armour, Spiritual Defense (Armour), Subtle Defense (Armour), Vengeful Defense (Armour).

Spell List
Level 1 (All Required): Ignite Fire, Sense Life, Counterspell, Detect Magic, Dull Vision, Dull Hearing, Ward, Death Vision.

Eight L1
Level 2: Haste, Debility, Block, Apportation, Shield, Test Food, Might, Fraility, Armour, Stench, Thunderclap, Sense Foes, Conceal Magic, Deflect Missile, Distant Blow, Know Illusion, Detect Poison, Sense Danger, Identify Spell, Mage Sight, Mage Sense, Sense Mana, Sense Spirit, Sense Observation, Night Vision, Shade, Poltergeist, Aura, Suspend Spell, Great Ward, Reflect, Scryguard, Turn Blade, Mystic Mist, Missile Shield, Watchdog, Nightingale, Magelock, Silence, Umbrella

Eight L2
Level 3: Pain, Boost Strength, Vigor, Grace, Steal Energy, Devitalize Air, Concussion, Wall of Wind, Windstorm, Destroy Air, Fireball, Fireproof, Flame Jet, Flash, Hide Emotion, Rain of Fire, Catch Missile, Blur, Deflect Energy, Resist Pain, Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Poison Food, Hide, Hide Path, Analyze Magic, Mage-Stealth, Mage Light, Hush, See Invisible, Dark Vision, Darkness, Blackout, Winged Knife, False Aura, Remove Aura, Return Missile, Reflect Gaze, Scryfool, Scrywall, Fear, Sleep, Mass Sleep, Great Haste, Light Tread, Turn Spirit, Solidify, Bladeturning, Reverse Missiles, Wall of Silence, Icy Weapon

Ten L3
Level 4: Choke, Stun, Resist Pain, Sensitize, Agonize, Hold Breath, Boost Health, Retch, Deathtouch, Control Limb, Paralyze Limb, Total Paralysis, Wither Limb, Boost Dexerity, Ambidexerity, Balance, Reflexes, Steal Vitality, Sickness, Pestilence, Decay, Weaken Blood, Steal Might, Steal Dexerity, Steal Vigor, Resist Lightning, Lightning, Lightning Weapon, Lightning Whip, Spark Storm, Spark Cloud, Explosive Lightning, Explosive Fireball, Firecloud, Flaming Armour, Flaming Weapon, Flaming Missiles, Shocking Touch, Wall of Lightning, Hide Thoughts, Vexation, Insignificance, Entombment, Stone Missile, Rain of Stones, Rain of Acid, Resist Fire, Breathe Fire, Burning Touch, Dehydrate, Phase, Phase Other, Teleport Shield, Blink, Blink Other, Divert Teleport, Dispel Illusion, Dispel Possession, Magic Resistance, Iron Arm, Invisibility, Astral Vision, Continual Mage Light, Sunbolt, Catch Spell, Bravery, Panic, Terror, Berserker, Nightmare, Turn Zombie, Entrap Spirit, Affect Spirits, Evisceration, Slow Healing, Stop Healing, Ice Sphere, Icy Missiles, Icy Touch

Ten L4
Level 5: Alter Visage, Steal Spell, Spell Guard, Spell Shield, Lightning Armour, Lightning Missiles, Lightning Stare, Spell Wall, Spit Acid, Sandstorm, Ball of Lightning, Rain of Ice Daggers, Burning Death, Repel Spirits, Hideaway, Freedom, Dispel Creation, Dispel Magic, Know True Shape, Weapon Self, Shatterproof, Toughen, Suspend Magic, Suspend Mana, Pentagram, Remove Curse, Suspend Curse, Utter Dome, Banish, Rotting Death, Steal Skill, Force Dome, Force Wall, Resist Acid, Acid Ball, Acid Jet, Ice Dagger, Icy Breath

Ten L5
Level 6: Curse, Drain Mana, Drain Magery, Hide Object, Sanctuary, Astral Block, Penetrating Spell, Suspend Magery, Utter Wall


Armour of Contempt [14]
(Higher Purpose 3, Mana Sensitive, +3 Bonus when self-control roll for Bad Temper, Selfish, Berserk or Loner fails, Reaction Roll result is Bad or worse, or against Enemy or Intolerance/Jealousy target)

Secret Cache [6]
(Payload 5 (+20% total), Accessibility (Only items you could reasonably conceal on your person), Cosmic (Doesn’t count against encumbrance), Mana Sensitive, Requires Holdout roll, Feature: Weight limit is based on a static BL of 20 lbs. Instead of using actual ST.)
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