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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

Mar 23 etr

Description: Two 2 yard by 15 yard rooms connected by eight passages two yards long and one yard wide, all one yard apart from each other.

Monsters: Two Dark Mistlings, billowing clouds of manevolent smoke. These use the stats for Toxifiers, with the following exceptions:
  • They are elder things rather than demons
  • one of them does not need contact agent to do damage and causes moderate pain rather than nausea
  • the other causes burning damage rather than toxic, and is immune to fire rather than to disease and poison.
A successful Hidden Lore (Elder Things) roll can find these differences out.

Treasure: A very fine katana ($13,000, 5 lbs), A fine large knife ($160, 1 lb), and a suit of elven light mail ($6,000, 36 lbs)

Exits: Four doors, spaced out on the walls opposite the passages between the two rooms. These doors are all average and not locked.

Vision: -10 (no light)
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