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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves

Originally Posted by JulianLW View Post
I've been enjoying Thieves a lot, and I'm trying to do some munchkinizing. I have a few questions for the people with the answers.
Darn Dirty Munchkin!

Originally Posted by JulianLW View Post
Acrobatic Attacker on page 21 says "You must specialize by unarmed combat skill or by specific weapon type."

But then in the stat block it has this: "Acrobatic Strikes! [5]. Acrobatic Strikes! is “wildcard perk” that costs 5 (instead of 1) to allow it to work with all applicable skills – in this case, all attacks."

So it seems like something wasn't edited out? If not, what does the Wildcard Perk apply to?
Nope, that's a goof and errata. ARGH. Send it in please.

Originally Posted by JulianLW View Post
Heroic Thrower on page 22 says "If you throw using two hands, all attacks start at a basic -2, but the above penalty accrues separately for each hand; e.g., three attacks with one hand at -8, two with the other at -5. One attack with each hand is at -2 instead of -3. Again, these attacks can target different opponents."

Is that ... right? Heroic Thrower essentially lets you add Rapid Strikes to a Dual-Weapon Attack ... all at half price? And basically halved again since they're applied separately for each hand? Just asking for clarification!
No, it's not. You can't add a Rapid Strike to a DWA because it's basically the same thing with a reduced penalty.

Originally Posted by JulianLW View Post
Heroic Thrower also says "You can use maneuvers or combat options that are normally limited to melee weapon attacks, if they make sense. For example, you could use Feint or Deceptive Attack with thrown weaponry to 'fake out' a target."

So does that mean you could apply Hidden Draw on page 26 with Throwing Art when you use Fast-Draw (Knife)? Could you do that with every Fast-Draw in a Multiple Fast-Draw situation? It says "If you have the relevant Fast-Draw skill at 16+, you don’t have to roll at all!" So if my Fast-Draw (Knife) skill is over 16, does that mean I can draw as many knives as I want?! or should that say "if your effective skill is at 16+ ..."?
Yes, you could. Each knife is at a further penalty... so it's self-limiting and knives don't really do much damage - even with the power-ups I made to MAKE them do more.

Originally Posted by JulianLW View Post
Finally, the perk Better Part of Valor on page 19 says "With a Move and Attack maneuver, you can move directly backward ..." and "With an All-Out Attack, you can move ...."

Does this mean you have to make either a Move and Attack or an All-Out Attack to use this perk? Can you use it with a regular Attack? Was this an omission?
Correct. Move and Attack or an All-Out. That's it. And like, Committed if you're using those rules.
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