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Default Re: Antarctic Space Nazi Outpost in Unknown Kadath, Plateau of Leng, Dreamlands

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
However, the staircase presumably takes a bite out of the top area? 10 metres diameter OK?
Sure, that's fine. As long as it looks adequately unsettling, alien and ancient, ideally with a dash of Nicholas Roerich artwork and a heavy dose of Lovecraft-ian descriptions of ancient lost cities in Central Asia, Antarctica or the Dreamlands. Roerich's art (there are also other, even more disquieting paintings that would be appropriate inspiration, but I only have them on a hard drive) was a great influence on At the Mountains of Madness and the protagonist mentions his name several times to try to describe the sights at the unnamed city in the mountains at the center of Antarctica.

Also, I imagined less a comfortable staircase as part of the original design and more an almost vertical climb up steps and (hand? claw? tentacle?)-holds cut into the ever so faintly tapering side. Presumably the elder designers used lifts or something for regular use* and the ASNs would be well served by an external staircase and cargo lifts.

*In fact, I suppose that there ought to be some indent or pathway in the side of the pillar where a lift might fit, either located next to the steps and handholds in the pillar or at the opposite side.
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