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Default Re: Technobabble for a world build

Originally Posted by Farmer View Post
I don't have a "touch yourself and you die" trope by any means. In the document, I discuss under the Grandfather Paradox & Time's Resistance and I've created an energy based resistance to paradoxes. Interaction is possible, but the more significant the changes the more energy is required.

Characters in this game will be every bit diplomats and counsellors as they will be marksmen and ninja.
Ah, I completely misread your bit about two objects occupying the same spacetime coordinates. My mistake.
- Actually one normal sized guy in three tiny trenchcoats.
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Default Re: Technobabble for a world build

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
Ah, I completely misread your bit about two objects occupying the same spacetime coordinates. My mistake.
I'm glad you mentioned it, though, it helps me to check and consider if I can express it more clearly. I'm going to review it. I think I can add a little more detail to Overlap to avoid any ambiguity - probably with an example.

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Default New sub-research on the recently discovered "VX-ROOM"

Just for Fun...

New sub-research on the recently discovered "VX-ROOM"

New sub-research on the recently discovered signal distribution of the activated Wankel Diode Module in the inner core of the VX Machine surprisingly shows dimensional quantum site effects during operation. Yesterday, a team of researchers spotted an odd spike in X-ray emissions coming from two indifferent celestial objects discovered in the "von Leinbeck room" during the short transition time of quantum fluctuation that leads to the solid quantum state of operation. Prof. Bernhard Riemann, one of the leading scientists conducting sub-level experiments with the VX Machine, stated: "It was pure luck, and now I have a hypothesis." "Shortly after the standard calibration procedure of the newly modified gyroscopic superstring manifold ferrocore, a stabilizer module had a malfunction, causing disharmonics in the zero-point gauge field." "We were completely baffled," Dr. Riemann said, "but after consultation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Leinbeck, we realize the wide-ranging consequences of our discovery." After cooldown, the VX was analyzed with an interferometric synthetic aperture radar for any evidence of residual radiation. "Then we saw it, hypothetical axions and sterile neutrinos." The existence of these elusive particles was predicted by the physicist Peter Higgs; now we have the evidence. With this groundbreaking research data, we are able to confirm the existence of a dimensional interwoven parallel universe just a quantum spin away from our spacetime continuum. This incredible discovery also solves the mystery of dark matter and energy as a dimensional quantum side effect, tunneling graviton particles between dimensions. This virtual interdimensional exchange of gravitation explains the absence of measurable matter in our dimension, responsible for the greatest physical miracles of our time. "After the first shock, we realize that this discovery will be just the beginning." "We also decide to honor the faulty VX Machine for this happy failure, naming the new PSTC (Parallel Space-Time Continuum) "VX-ROOM".
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