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Old 02-18-2024, 10:02 AM   #1
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Default One-Page Bulge: attacking all adjacent enemies

I've recently discovered this classic thanks to the reprint and one of the rules about attacking is very confusing to me. Would be nice to have this answered once and for all more officially.

3.0, B. Each unit may only attack once per turn.
8.1. The player whose turn it is must attack all enemy units adjacent to his own units after he ends his movement phase.
8.3 The moving player indicates what hex he is attacking first. The unit (or stack) in that hex is the "defender".

What do I do in the situation where my single unit moves into a hex that has two enemy units adjacent on two separate hexes, i.e. I enter two zones of control? I cannot attack two separate hexes in one turn with that single unit. I can attack one adjacent hex. But at the same time I must attack all adjacent units. Which rule has precedent here?

I saw two interpretations:

1. Sum up enemies from all adjacent hexes and attack them as if they were a single stack (similar to some classic games like Stalingrad I believe), or
2. Attack only one selected hex, thus failing point 8.1.
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Old 02-24-2024, 08:56 PM   #2
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Default Re: One-Page Bulge: attacking all adjacent enemies

My read is option 2.

Literally everything else the game writes about the attack procedure says the target of an attack is a single unit or stack in a single hex. While units in a stack can attack different targets, neither the text of the rules, nor the standard conventions of wargames of this era (including Ogre) would seem to allow a single unit to attack multiple hex targets simultaneously.
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