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Default Any GURPS stats for black holes, pulsars, etc?

I've got a statblock for a speedy little spaceship from 3e's Lensman, with protective shields of frankly absurd stats. I'm curious how closely it could approach a star's surface - or a solar flare, pulsar, black hole, or what-have-you. Has anyone got any way to calculate GURPS stats for such astronomical phenomena?

The shields in question:

* Meteor Shield. DF 1 vs matter. (DR 100, DR 10k vs explosions)

* Screens: Transparent to matter. Essentially transparent to low-energy radiation such as radio and visible light, while absorbing hard radiation such as x-ray and gamma.
- Outer screen. DF 3. (DR 500; DR 250k vs explosions, radiation PF 10^3)
- Middle screen. DF 5. (DR 2k; DR 4M vs explosions, radiation PF 10^5)
- Inner screen. DF 10. (DR 30k; DR 900M vs explosions, radiation PF 10^10)
- Wall shield. DF 20. (DR 30M; DR 900T vs explosions, radiation PF 10^20)

Total PF vs radiation: 10^38

(If the ship's Bergenholm inertialess generators are turned on, and the ship is free to move in response to a source of harm instead of being tractored up against a solid object, damage is reduced further; in the local area of a spiral arm of a galaxy, by a factor of 100.)
Thank you for your time,
"Then again, maybe I'm wrong."
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